Zombies 4 – will it happen or has it been canceled?

Zombies 3 ending spoilers follow.

Addison and Zed face yet another challenge to their relationship in Zombies 3 as aliens arrive in Seabrook, but is this the end of their story?

When filming was announced in March 2021, it certainly seemed that way. “We wanted to raise the stakes in this third and final installment,” said Lauren Kisilevsky, vice president, Original Movies, Disney Branded Television.

Zombies 3 marking the end of the trilogy makes sense when you consider the equally-popular Descendants series also wrapped up after three movies. There’s also a certain finality to the movie as it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger reveal like Zombies 2 did.

But is this the end for Zeddison? Major spoilers are ahead as we delve into the events and Zombies 3 and the likelihood of seeing Zombies 4.


Zombies 3 ending explained: Does it set up Zombies 4?

With Seabrook a safe haven for all, Zed’s main goal at the start of Zombies 3 is to become the first zombie to go to Mountain College which, in turn, would open the door for all other monsters to go to college.

This plan is interrupted by the arrival of aliens in Seabrook who, following the destruction of their home planet, are searching for the map to their “perfect new home”, Utopia. It’s contained within the “most precious thing” in Seabrook and left by a scout who crash-landed in Seabrook decades earlier.

In return for helping Zed with his exceptional student application for college, the aliens are helped by Zed and Addison to discover where the coordinates are. They fix the message left by the scout who is revealed to be none other than Addison’s grandmother Angie.

That’s right. As the Zombies 2 cliffhanger teased, Addison is not a human cheerleader … she’s an alien.

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Her grandmother fell in love with a human called Eli and to blend in, she went to Seabrook High and became obsessed with cheerleading. Angie created the Cheer Off trophy, the Seabrook Cup, and that’s where they assume the coordinates to Utopia were hidden by Angie.

Addison manages to win the Seabrook Cup with her squad, but when the aliens scan it, there are no coordinates to be found. To protect the aliens from the wolves (who are suspicious of their true intentions), Addison reveals herself to be an alien.

You might think this would lead to an awkward conversation with her mother, but she tells her that she’s always known. Angie had told her to hide their true selves for their own protection, and Addison’s mother reveals that her grandmother always “called you her most precious thing”.

Addison’s DNA contains the coordinates to Utopia, but unfortunately in order to reach the planet, she has to go with them. Zed can’t join them as he wouldn’t survive the space travel and it looks like Zeddison’s love story is going to end in their separation.

Zombies 3 isn’t about to end on such a downer though. On the day of Seabrook High’s graduation, the aliens are about to head to Utopia when they start to question just why Angie had made it so difficult for them to find the “most precious thing” in Seabrook.

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Addison tells them that maybe her grandmother had realized that Seabrook – “the most perfectly imperfect place there is” – was the place that the aliens should live, rather than on some planet where there is no conflict.

“Sometimes you need conflict. Look what happened once we overcame our differences. Together, we made progress. Conflict isn’t always bad. Being challenged sometimes pushes us to be better,” Addison tells them.

The aliens realize she is right and instead of going to Utopia, they beam back down to Seabrook to start their new lives. Zombies 3 ends with the new normal established in Seabrook where cheerleaders, zombies, werewolves, aliens and every other species can live together.

It certainly feels like a definitive place to end the Zombies trilogy as Addison has finally discovered who she is, while there’s a bright future ahead for the couple as Zed is accepted into Mountain College so that they can both go there.

Of course, there’s always another species that could arrive in Seabrook to shake up the dynamic again, but it feels like this could be the end.

Zombies 4: Will it happen?

Nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet about Zombies 4, except for the threequel being called the “third and final installment” in March 2021 as we mentioned above. It doesn’t seem to have put off the stars though.

“You know what? It leaves it open for a fourth, but it also does a really good job of wrapping it up as well,” Milo Manheim told HollywoodLifeadding to Good Morning America: “We’re going to have to see about [Zombies 4]. We’re going to have to see if you guys like Zombies 3and then we can decide. “

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Right now, we’d probably say it’s unlikely we’ll see a fourth movie, but you can never say never. Zombies 3 is the first of the series to debut exclusively on Disney+ and that could lead to it hitting a bigger audience than previous movies, so watch this space.

Even if a fourth movie doesn’t happen, there is an expansion of the Zombies franchise on the way as Disney has confirmed an animated TV show inspired by the series called Zombies: The Re-Animated Series.

We don’t know too much about it yet, but it’s been confirmed to feature Zed, Addison, Eliza, Willa and “the entire Seabrook crew”. “This gang may have figured out each other, but they haven’t quite figured out how to survive high school,” the plot synopsis reads.

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“Get ready for more musical fun and new friends as Seabrook becomes the #1 destination for all kinds of mythical monsters looking for a fresh start. And this means some pretty wild adventures – from the cafeteria to the football field – because sometimes the scariest thing you have to face is high school. “

Given that Zed and Addison have now graduated, it’s likely that the series will take place earlier in the Zombies timeline rather than continuing the story following Zombies 3‘s finale.

All three Zombies movies are available to watch now on Disney+.

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