Andrew Tate news – latest: KSI calls kickboxer ‘cringey’ and issues warning to fans

Andrew Tate leaves Bucharest court in handcuffs amid human trafficking allegations

Romanian authorities have seized luxury cars from Andrew Tate’s compound as part of a criminal investigation into alleged human trafficking.

Several cars, including a Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, were taken from the Tate compound on the outskirts of the capital, Bucharest, on Saturday to be transported to a storage location.

Earlier this week, prosecutors said they had seized 15 luxury vehicles and more than 10 properties and homes belonging to the suspects in Bucharest and the counties of Prahova and Brasov to prevent the assets being sold or hidden.

Anti-organized crime prosecutors detained Tate, his brother Tristan and two Romanian female suspects on December 29 on charges of forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit six women. They have denied wrongdoing.

The former kickboxer recently lost an appeal against a judge’s earlier decision to extend his arrest from 24 hours to 30 days.

He was seen this week for the first time since his arrest, walking into court in handcuffs with his brother.


Andrew Tate’s luxury cars towed by Romanian authorities as part of criminal investigation

Andrew Tate’s luxury cars towed by Romanian authorities as part of criminal investigation

Joe Middleton15 January 2023 07:00


ICYMI: Andrew Tate loses appeal against detention in human trafficking and rape case

Online misogynist Andrew Tate has lost his appeal against a judge’s decision to extend his arrest period from 24 hours to 30 days on charges of being part of an organized crime group, human trafficking and rape.

Ramona Bolla, a spokesperson for Romanian anti-organized crime agency DIICOT, said a Bucharest appeals court late on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Tate, his co-accused brother Tristan and two Romanian women arrested in the same police operation.

Prosecutors can now request detentions of up to 180 days for the four suspects.

Joe Middleton15 January 2023 06:00


Who is Tristan Tate? All we know about Andrew Tate’s brother arrested in human trafficking raid

When influencer Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania during a police raid, he was detained alongside three other people – one of them, his brother.

Tristan Tate, who is also a former kickboxer turned social media influencer, was detained in December as part of an investigation into human trafficking and rape by Romania’s anti-organized crime agency Didcot.

The four suspects, including the Tate brothers, will be held for 30 days after a judge extended their initial detention period of 24 hours, said Didcot spokesperson Ramona Bolla. Prosecutors say they found six women who had been sexually exploited by the suspects.

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I’m a teacher – this is what my 15-year-olds are saying about Andrew Tate

In our termly equalities meeting at the secondary school where I teach, we usually discuss the broad concerns we’re trying to tackle as a staff body., writes Matt Adams.

This week, it was different. Rather than talking about systemic issues and how they affect our students, such as racism, homophobia and ableism, we ended up talking about one man. That man was Andrew Tate.

After discussing the controversial influencer who appeared in court this week, we decided that – due to his continued reach on social media – it would be best to hold assemblies across all the school years to make sure they are being smart about the content they are consuming online.

Joe Middleton15 January 2023 04:00


ICYMI: Andrew Tate’s Twitter continues to reach millions of followers despite arrest

Misogynist internet personality Andrew Tate has been held by police in Romania since December 29 but his Twitter account has continued to post the former kickboxer’s particular brand of conspiracy-laden content to his 4.5 million followers.

Several tweets have referenced the controversial influencer’s arrest alongside his brother on charges of human trafficking, rape and organized crime, with cryptic references to a so-called “Matrix” that is claimed to be working against him.

Other tweets follow the pattern established after Mr Tate’s once-banned account returned last year, with a mix of religious citations, challenges to the masculinity of his fans, warnings against alleged powers that be and promotions for his other content.

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This is why young men are still listening to Andrew Tate

If you’re still unfamiliar with Andrew Tate, you’re one of the lucky ones. Wherever it is you’re sheltering, I hope it is warm, comfortable and you have enough tinned food for the foreseeable, writes Clint Edwards.

Tate sells himself as a hyper-masculine, ultra-wealthy, red-pilled lothario, who is willing to teach his young Padawans the ways of the world, women, and of the secrets of his own success.

He offers young men the inside track on life. A ticket to the dream they didn’t quite know they had. In short, he is selling them a blueprint of how to be a man. And with a dearth of alternatives, they are more than willing to buy it.

Joe Middleton15 January 2023 02:00


How Andrew Tate became the poster boy of the hard-right

Andrew Tate should have been anathema to the folks who spend half their time telling us they’re not far right. But, instead, he became a well-dressed, wealthy caricature of a successful “alpha male”, conducting high-profile TV interviews with people like Piers Morgan, writes Katherine Denkinson.

Sure, video may have emerged in 2016 showing him hitting a woman with a belt and leading to his expulsion from the Big Brother house (in a statement, both he and the woman featured in the clip said they were friends and that the actions depicted were consensual).

He may also have claimed that, once married, a woman becomes a man’s property – but his reach, influence and masterful command of social media seemingly made up for all that. TalkTV, GB News et al still platformed him.

Joe Middleton15 January 2023 01:00


Labor MP says Andrew Tate’s influence on young boys provokes ‘incel culture’

Labor MP says Andrew Tate’s influence on young boys provokes ‘incel culture’

Joe Middleton14 January 2023 23:59


ICYMI: School holds Andrew Tate assemblies over fears of ‘toxic misogynist’s influence on children’

Social media posts by Andrew Tate could serve as a “gateway drug” to children who go on to view more damaging content, teachers have warned.

At one school the head of performing arts Matt Adams decided to hold “Andrew Tate assemblies” due to fears over what pupils interested in the influencer are exposed to online.

Mr Adams teaches at a west London school, and toldThe Independent boys he had spoken to would either support Tate outright, make excuses for him or claim he had been misquoted.

Joe Middleton14 January 2023 23:27


This is what Andrew Tate means for Muslim women like me

Is it him? That shiny bald head, manicured beard, and gradient “I’m a celebrity” sunglasses are unmistakeable. A four-minute clip of Andrew Tate, a controversial figure who is known for making vulgar and inflammatory statements about women, has infiltrated the intimate boundaries of my smartphone through a forwarded WhatsApp video, writes Hafsa Lodi.

Prior to this, I’ve actively avoided researching or discussing Tate, despite his notoriety on social media – I’d hate to give any more airtime to the self-proclaimed misogynist who is already one of the most frequently googled people on the internet.

But this time I give in, and a quick search leads me to the original video, posted on YouTube a year ago by a “male self-improvement” podcast that hosts “Womanizer Wednesdays”. In the three-hour interview, Tate spews some twisted and simplistic statements about Islam in his apparent attempt to praise the religion.

Joe Middleton14 January 2023 22:20

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