8 Strict Rules Tom Cruise Makes His Staff Follow

As one of Hollywood’s most longstanding and successful leading men, Tom Cruise must run a tight ship, employing only the best of the best to work for him and keep up with his many demands and desires.

The 60-year-old “Top Gun: Maverick” star has worked with thousands of people over the course of his Hollywood career, and as his ties with the Scientology community deepened, so did the public’s skepticism towards the former golden boy.

Over the years, some people who have worked with the star have spoken out about their time under his tenure and made claims about the rules that the A-lister made them follow.

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Here are 8 strict rules that Tom Cruise makes his staff follow.

1. Be prepared to follow Tom Cruise wherever he sets his sights.

Cruise is one of Hollywood’s biggest go-getters.

With 50 acting credits on his IMDb page, it’s undeniable that the man is not only a workhorse but is fully capable of achieving any goal that he sets his sights on.

Part of working for the actor means having to keep up with a man who’s working on multiple different projects at the same time — while also being the stunt actor for all of them.

In fact, while filming the 2018 “Mission: Impossible” film, Cruise performed a stunt that ended up breaking his ankle — only for him to continue filming the scene and finishing out the movie with his ankle not fully healed.


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