Best curtain rods in 2022

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A curtain rod for your house

Who doesn’t love going home to a well-kempt and peaceful household? It’s not just making sure that the floors are clean and clear of toys and clutter, but the whole ambiance you should focus on, from the foundation to the ceilings. So what about the windows? They are streak-free, but something is missing to make your home complete. Well, we have a solution for you! Utilizing long-lasting and high-quality curtain rods to hang flowy drapes can help you transform your house into the organized and cozy haven you’ve always wanted.

A curtain rod is a simple structural support system that attaches to walls at various heights to hang curtains. It is the unsung hero of window dressing and is one of the most important things for your window treatments, as it holds everything in place, creating a cozy and private environment. Although it’s true that curtain rods play a big part in tying a room together, not all brands use high-quality materials and durable designs. Initially, buying low-quality curtain rods may be cheaper but will undoubtedly cause more frustration and make your home look chaotic and cluttered.

To keep your frustrations and worries at bay, we reviewed some of the highest-rated curtain rods of 2022 and chose our favorites that can help you turn your home into a peaceful oasis.

top picks

Best jumpsuit: Amazon Basics curtain rod

A versatile design curtain rod

A versatile design curtain rod

We have chosen the Amazon Basics curtain rod as the best overall because of its durability and available remarkable finish options. It can undoubtedly become your savior if you give it a chance! It is a solid steel rod that can sustain up to 20 pounds without any issues. This product also features a versatile design with an impressive diameter suitable enough to work for both thicker and lighter curtains and drapes.

The curtain rod curves at both ends, making it super convenient for you to wrap your curtains around the window from each end for optimal insulation and security. Plus, it’s available in three unique finishes to match your decor, enhancing your space’s overall design. With the included hardware, you can easily install the curtain rod without needing the help of a professional!

Key features:

Best color options: Kenney Chelsea curtain rod

A easy and stylish way to hang lightweight curtain rod

A easy and stylish way to hang lightweight curtain rod

Available in various color options, the Kenney Chelsea curtain rod is an easy and stylish way to hang lightweight curtains, panels or drapes effortlessly across your windows. Not an expert handyperson? No problem! Installation is a breeze with the included easy-to-follow instructions and necessary hardware to fasten securely on your wall.

Along with the multiple color options available, we also love the adjustable extension feature, making it the perfect choice for any standard-sized window, creating optimal privacy and insulation. Plus, the curtain rod’s smooth texture makes it simple and convenient for you to clean occasionally.

Key features:

Most durable design: Ivilon curtain rod

A durable and robust curtain rod

A durable and robust curtain rod

The Ivilon curtain rod can be a great addition to the aesthetics of your home. The durable and robust rod design allows you to hang a long sheer curtain or a heavy drape without fear. Plus, the decorative finials can help to accentuate your room and turn it into something dreamy and charming.

This curtain rod is undoubtedly the perfect alternative to an expensive custom option, and its versatility is unmatched. From the bedroom to the washroom, from the drawing-room to the dining room, you can use it anywhere to hang your beautiful drapes.

Key features:

Best decorative details: Kenney Kendall curtain rod

A sophisticated and sleek design curtain rod

A sophisticated and sleek design curtain rod

This decorative curtain rod is an excellent option for complementing anyone’s home decor with its sophisticated and sleek design. Available in various antique finish options such as brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Additionally, the curtain rod offers adjustable lengths, making it convenient to hang curtains of varying styles and lengths. So all you have to do is finish off the look of your window frames with valances, curtains and panels to match.

This product also features a telescoping rod which helps make decorating much more manageable with greater versatility. Lastly, coordinating brackets and mounting hardware are included in the package to enhance the overall look of the setup.

Key features:

  • Adjustable telescoping design

  • Attractive decorative details

  • Ideal for light to medium weight curtains

Best minimalist design: Bali Blinds curtain rod

A minimalist curtain rod

A minimalist curtain rod

This minimalistic curtain rod will add a simple yet elegant style to your space. Strong enough to support your favorite medium to heavy drapery to help achieve your desired style, while the clear finish effortlessly blends in with your existing decor. It also features a decorative ball on each end that brings a subtle final touch to your window.

Plus, this great pick is compatible with various styles, from classic to modern, so you can easily match the look of your curtain rod to your current d├ęcor. Plus, it comes with all the hardware you need to install it easily.

Key features:

Buying guide: Curtain rods

Just like you need a detailed road map to reach your destination, you need to go through this brief buying guide to get your hands on the most optimal curtain rods. So let’s go!

What factors should you prioritize while buying a curtain rod?

We often blindly buy curtain rods without knowing their basic structure, their different types, and how to choose them. Therefore, it’s good to learn about curtain rods before purchasing to avoid wasting time or money and get the right one for you the first time.

Proper measurements

When buying a curtain rod, taking proper measurements is extremely important to ensure a proper fit. First, you should measure the width of your windows to know what size curtain rod you require. Curtain rods are available in different lengths and styles, so knowing your window’s measurements will leave less room for error and give you a better chance of purchasing the exact product you need and want the first time.

You should also pay special attention to the width and strength of the rod, as every product has different dimensions. It should be strong enough to accommodate the weight but thin enough for the curtains’ rod pockets or loops. Either way, you should choose the one that suits your needs the most.


The material of curtain rods is another noteworthy factor. Many different materials are available, but steel and plastic rods are popular options in modern models. Both of these materials have varying features that are suitable for different situations. For example, plastic rods are better for lightweight or sheer curtains, whereas steel is ideal for thicker and heavy drapes. In other words, go for the one that complements your needs the most.


Curtain rods can come in various colored finishes, but nickel, brass and bronze are the most popular. Each of these finishes is suitable for different decors, so it’s best to buy one that goes well with the overall feel of the house.

Types of curtain rods

There are three common types of curtain rods: conventional, traverse, and swing arm. Each design has its own unique features and specific purpose, and you will see that some are more fitting for your home than others. Overall, there are plenty of great options, so finding the right one that suits all your needs won’t be any trouble. First, let’s go over the three standard designs in detail!

Conventional curtain rod

A conventional curtain rod comes without decorative finials but can be quite durable. Its simple design is a straight metal, plastic or wooden pole with a knob or ball at each end to give it a finished look and secure it in place on the brackets mounted on your wall. This option is best for those who love a minimalistic look!

Traverse curtain rod

A traverse rod is perfect for protecting your curtains and drapes from the daily wear and tear of manually drawing them. It features a convenient pulley system design that allows you to draw your curtains without any restriction and effort. Although this option is a little more expensive than conventional curtain rods, its durable and user-friendly design makes it a safe purchase.

Swing arm curtain rod

A swing arm curtain rod has a unique design by using a hinged fixture on one side, allowing the curtain to swing 180 degrees. Even with the one-side fixture design, it is strong enough to support your medium-weight drapes, and you’ll often see them hung in pairs on french doors. Overall, people find this option more convenient than using a pully system or manually drawing their curtains because of the elegant detail choices and simple motion of swinging them open or shut.

How to maintain a curtain rod?

Curtain rods need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure longevity and optimal functionality. When cleaning curtain rods, you’ll need a few supplies: a sponge, some water and a mild detergent. Gently scrub the curtain rod and wipe dry with a soft rag. Be sure not to leave your curtain rods wet to prevent tarnishing or other damage. Regular maintenance will not only keep it clean but will also maximize your curtain rod’s lifespan.

People also asked

Q: What is the standard size for curtain rods?

A: A standard curtain rod size should be around 1 1/2 inches in diameter and a minimum of three feet in length. The rule of thumb for traditional curtain rods is to use decorative curtain panels at least three feet wide. If you’re looking for a specific size, an effective way is to measure your window and the curtain panel you’re planning on hanging to know the exact length you need to purchase.

Q: How much weight can curtain rods withstand?

A: The weight of a curtain rod can sustain without breaking depends on its construction. If the rod is made of wood and is properly mounted, it should be able to hold at least 60 pounds, whereas a rod made of wrought iron can support at least 30 pounds. Aluminum and plastic curtain rods are ideal for sheer or lightweight drapes. However, to be safe, you should opt for a wooden, steel or iron curtain rod if you are planning to hang heavy-weighted fabric.

Q: What are finals?

A: Finials are the decorative pieces found at the ends of a curtain rod. They vary in shapes, sizes, colors and styles, with the traditional finial being the classic ball design. In addition to being a decorative piece, finials also have an essential job serving as the curtain rod’s anchor that secures it to the supporting brackets.

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