Best Self Care Box in 2022

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Personalized eco friendly basket for family and friends for thankgiving, christmas, mothers day.

You can help her correct the imbalance by presenting her with a premium self care box this Mother’s Day. These products are an assortment of little treats and pleasing non-essentials she doesn’t realize she’s missing out on. These items will help with refocusing on own needs, offering her a means of unwinding and re-energizing before taking the world head-on, yet again.

You can check out our picks for the best self care boxes in 2022 below.

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Most Rejuvenating: Body and Earth Store Bath and Body Set with Ocean Scented Spa Gifts

Bath and Body Set with Ocean Scented Spa Gifts Box for Her

Bath and Body Set with Ocean Scented Spa Gifts Box for Her

This deluxe ocean scented bath set will put your mom in a state of relaxation and bliss. It consists of soap, candle, bath bomb, body butter and hand cream.

Each of these products are scented with sweet, soothing ocean notes. The entire set comes beautifully packed inside a sturdy box that can double as personal storage, keeping the memory of this thoughtful gift alive.

This kit is an awesome way to experience spa-like treatment at home. All its products are rich in antioxidants, healing skin and repairing its natural barriers. They work to hydrate skin from within, keeping moisture locked inside and maintaining smoothness and softness.

Compact Design: Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Refreshing gift set from Burt's Bees

Refreshing gift set from Burt’s Bees

Here is a perfect nature-inspired gift set for any mom. The Burt’s Bees Gift Set consists of two hand creams, cuticle cream, foot cream, lip balm and hand salve.

This package also includes items dedicated to footcare, basically a foot cream for soothing and moisturizing dry, flaky skin.

All the products in this set are travel-sized and designed for trial purposes. They are all made using natural ingredients rich in antioxidants and offering healing properties, keeping skin conditioned and hydrated all day long.

Monthly Deliveries: COCOTIQUE – Beauty & Self-Care Subscription Box

A complete package for personal care

A complete package for personal care

The Cocotique – Beauty & Self-Care Subscription Box is a monthly subscription service you can order for your mom.

Although the company puts special emphasis on accommodating women of color, it has rave reviews from women from many different locations and backgrounds.

With this monthly subscription box, subscribers receive an assortment of hair and skincare accessories each month. They offer a mix of full and travel-size products, addressing various aspects of self care. You can expect to receive shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, shower gel, exfoliators and more.

Perfect for Bath Fanatics: Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Basket for Women

Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set for Women

Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set for Women

This gift collection from Spa Luxetique is a vanilla-scented bath set, containing 12 bath accessories and bringing the spa to your mom’s house.

And everything comes neatly packed inside a beautiful decorative box, making this an exceptional option for Mother’s Day.

Helping to soothe skin and relieving stress, saturated fats and vitamin E promote healing dry skin and leave behind lasting moisturization. This gift set makes for a spa-like experience that your mother can enjoy without leaving the comfort of home.

GMO Free: BFFLOVE Store Bath Gift Set with Rose Scent

Relaxing bath gift set with rose scent

Relaxing bath gift set with rose scent

If your mother loves roses, this is the right collection to get for her. It is a five piece rose-scented spa set, promoting relaxation and restfulness.

The collection includes soap, bath salt, essential oil, bath petals and salt scrub. And, it all comes packed inside a pretty container that doesn’t need to be wrapped.

All the products included in this set are GMO-free and skin-friendly. It moisturizes skin leaving it soft and smooth. Plus, the fragrance is both pleasant and long-lasting.

A buying guide to the ultimate self care boxes

A mother’s day gift should be chosen after a great deal of consideration. Here’s a buying guide to point you in the right direction and alert you to the factors that can come into play.

Choosing the right self-care box

A gift box is a good vehicle for showing your mom some affection and care. However, not every collection is created with the same amount of thoughtfulness. Here are some crucial considerations to keep in mind when shopping for one:


As with everything else, the more you spend on self care, the more you can expect to get. However, that does not mean you have to be lavish with your spending. Getting a smaller number of items that are actually useful for your mom is way more preferable than a big box filled with tons of useless items.

You can find good options available for $50 or $60. Collections above $100 mostly appear more lavish than thoughtful, and offer increasingly diminishing returns.


Look for collections offering a mix of contents. Though there are options limited to only one theme, like bath or snacks, it is better to go for a set containing a little bit of everything.

We believe a good Mother’s Day gift should contain items that are wearable (slippers or scarves), burnable (candles or incense), edible (chocolates or nuts), pampering (lotions or lip balm), and reflective (journals or books). Such a varied collection will help in assisting and accentuating all the dimensions of mom’s self care experience.


Considering the quality of included items is also very important. Some products contain only mass market or generic brands. Try to aim for a wider, slightly higher quality selection.


A collection without a personal note will miss the mark, making it seem random and less personal. Make sure to choose a product with an option for a handwritten message along with a card, making the offering seem more special and considerate.

Contents for a good self-care box

To pick the most suitable gift collection for your mother, you have to first identify what she’s missing. Here are some things to look for in an ideal product:

  • Bath Essentials: Because of constant rush, most mothers don’t take necessary care of their bath needs. They might opt ​​for a quick shower over indulging in a hot relaxing bath or gentle exfoliation. A good collection should contain some bath essentials like scrubs, razors, bath salts, essential oils and more

  • Hair products: Moms may wash their hair but rarely take the time to properly style it. Your gift should also offer some hair styling products to remind her that time taken for herself is vital and valuable. Even a simple comb and brush can do a lot when it comes to hair styling

  • Oral care products: Flossing is one of the most neglected routines in oral care. A pack of mouthwash and dental floss is enough to remind her flossing is an important part of physical care

  • Tea/coffee: A cup of warm tea or coffee can really have an uplifting effect on emotional states. They are soothing and satisfying so having one in your gift is a must

  • Fragrances: Fragrances are available in various forms. Your gift can include a perfume, candle and even essential oils. Consider the fragrances your mother likes and would regularly enjoy

  • Treats: Sweet treats can instantly provide a boost to your brain, satisfying desire for something scrumptious and calming you down at the same time. Including some chocolates or gummy candy in your self care box is always a good idea

The four dimensions of self care

Self care means doing things that are beneficial to your well-being. It involves taking a break to focus on yourself in order to rest, reflect, replenish and renew. Doing so demonstrates effects in four different dimensions. We’ve discussed them below.

Physical dimension

Physical self care involves taking good care of your body. This includes adopting a healthy lifestyle such as staying hydrated, eating healthy, exercising and getting enough rest.

You should take some time away from screens and immerse yourself in physical activities. Try decluttering your wardrobe, office or room, giving you a sense of control and manageability. Plus, you’ll have a more spacious area to work with.

emotional dimension

Everybody craves love and care. But how can you expect it from somebody else when you neglect yourself?

Emotional self care involves setting boundaries. You should have a clear understanding of how you are willing to spend your time and energy.

A good way to do so is surrounding yourself with people offering a positive attitude. Their affirmation and inspiration will help with addressing various problems and issues. Giving love, and receiving it back in return, will help you grow emotionally.

psychological dimensions

Psychological self care involves allowing in activities that promote personal and professional development. Take some time for personal reflection. Focus on the things that are in your control. Pay attention to your inner thoughts and feelings and make peace with yourself.

You can gain self awareness through meditation, getting feedback, journaling and counseling. You can also indulge in supervision and consultation as a means to grow, learn and reflect.

spiritual dimension

Taking care of yourself spiritually revolves around prayer and meditation. You can start with showing gratitude. Be grateful for everything you have and try to be helpful to others.

Other things include spending time in nature and being aware of the non-materialistic aspects of your life. As you develop spiritually, you can start identifying the meaningful aspects of your life and work. You will learn to appreciate being present in the moment and start practicing mindfulness.


Caring for oneself should be the number one priority of any individual. If your mother has been neglecting her self care, it’s time you reminded her to by handing her the right tools. We have reviewed the top self care boxes available, choose a pick from our list of recommendations, or even construct one yourself suited especially to your mother’s needs. After all, it’s Mother’s Day. She has a right to feel truly special.

People also asked

Here are some common questions people ask about self care boxes

What’s included in a self-care box?

Depending upon its theme and brand, a collection can include different products targeted to help with self care. For example, a lifestyle box will include skincare products and accessories. While a bath oriented box contains bath essentials like shower gels, batu bombs, lotions, scrubs and more. You can check the details of a collection to learn about its contents and how to use them.

Is a self care box a good mother’s day gift?

Yes, a self care box is a good gift for any mom. In dealing with the household chores and taking care of others, their own self care often takes a backseat. Gifting your mother a self care box helps to focus them more on their own often neglected needs.

Do self care boxes have any health benefits?

Taking care of yourself can have amazing effects on your health. Whether it’s pushing you towards healthy eating, keeping yourself hydrated or getting enough sleep, a self care box can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle which is extremely beneficial to your overall well-being.

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