Five backyard games you haven’t heard of before (on sale!)

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Friends grilling meat at a backyard barbecue party

You’ve invited your friends and family to enjoy a beautiful, sunny summer day in your pristine backyard. The grill’s fired up, the drinks are bubbly and ice cold, the smell of barbecue and sunscreen fills the air and if there’s a pool involved, you can hear the splashing and playing from several houses away.

The only thing missing from this image is backyard games! Sure, you can always rely on cornhole, frisbee and the simple pleasure of tossing a football, but if you want your backyard celebrations to stand out this summer, you need to try these obscure outdoor games.

Kan Jam Original Disc Toss Game: $37.99 (orig. $39.95)

Two cans and a game ball

Two cans and a game ball

Shop Kan Jam Toss on Amazon

Kan Jam is a competitive outdoor game that can be compared to classic activities like cornhole or horseshoes. It’s played by taking turns respectively throwing and deflecting the flying discs. Win by scoring 21 points, or by slotting the flying disc for an instant win! If you and your loved ones are fans of frisbee throwing, this is the game for you this summer.

Kan Jam can be set up in seconds and can be played virtually anywhere, making it a perfect backyard game for your summer.

GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss: $32.99

Two short ladders with balls stringed together

Two short ladders with balls stringed together

Shop Ladder Toss on Amazon

A ladder toss set that comes with everything you need to impress your guests this summer. This set includes two targets, score trackers, six rubber bolos, a carrying case, and the rules. It can easily be set up, and will take less than two minutes to assemble.

Because the bolos are made of rubber, and the extra thick string prevents tangles, this set is kid-friendly and considered suitable for all ages. Set it up in minutes and enjoy games of two to four players this summer.

Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges: $24.99

A card game with wacky challenges

A card game with wacky challenges

Shop Beat That! on Amazon

Beat That! is all about the niche satisfaction you may feel after accomplishing something seemingly pointless, like throwing a paper ball into the trashcan from across the room. With this game, you can bet on your own skills with up to 160 solo challenges, battle royales, buddy ups and duels. Win by successfully accomplishing a series of silly dexterity-based challenges.

This option is family friendly and suitable for children ages nine and older. It’s incredibly easy to catch onto the rules of this game. It’ll bring hours of laughs, entertainment and bonding. The Beat That! set includes 160 challenge cards, 80 betting tokens, 10 cups, five balls, four dice, chopsticks, memo pad, tape measure, sand timer and is recommended for two to eight players.

GoSports Backyard Bocce Sets: $39.99

A game set to play Bocce

A game set to play Bocce

Shop Bocce on Amazon

These bocce balls are high gloss and will stay glossy even after hours of use due to the premium construction and high-quality resin. Each set comes with a complete pack of eight bocce balls, in red, green, blue and yellow, as well as a sturdy canvas bag to store and carry them around in. Enjoy this classic outdoor game this summer and summer countlesss to come thanks to the durability of this quality product.

Giant Tumbling Timber Toy: $63.99

A tower made from wooden blocks

A tower made from wooden blocks

Shop Giant Tumbling Games on Amazon

The Giant Tumbling Timber Toy is great for a pleasant afternoon, whether indoors or having fun in the sun! The jumbo wooden blocks are suitable for both children and adults, and since this game is recommended for two to six players, the entire family can play. The blocks boast impressive durability, and will last you for many summers to come

The set also includes a super convenient carrying and storage case, making it easy to set up and store when not in use.

Throw the backyard get-together of the summer with these exciting, overlooked games! Be the talk of the neighborhood and the nexus of fun in your community. All the games reviewed here are sure to bring joy to all. Hurry and snatch them now before the summer weather starts rolling in!

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