Fiona’s outages rekindle anger over Puerto Rico’s privatized electric grid

The grid’s struggles go back years, stemming partly from under-investment in basic maintenance by the bankrupt, government-owned Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, as well as the slow flow of billions of dollars in federal disaster aid. But the predominantly Spanish-speaking island’s problems are also rooted in its status as a US territory with no voting … Read more

World leaders gather ‘at a time of great peril’ at the UN

The UN gang is finally getting back together in person, after three years of leaders speaking by video due to the global pandemic. But many leaders from the 193 UN member countries were in the United Kingdom for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, forcing their missions to the UN to scramble to … Read more

White House surges aid to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico on a haunting five-year anniversary

CNN — Exactly five years after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, yet another catastrophic storm is testing the federal government’s capacity to mount a rapid response on an island exposed by its rudimentary infrastructure and vulnerability to climate change. The Biden White House is mobilizing a surge of assistance after Hurricane Fiona triggered lashing rains, … Read more

Jon Hamm addresses rumors that he prefers going commando after THOSE viral photos

Emmy winner Jon Hamm finally addressed the rumor that he prefers going commando a decade after pictures of him strutting down Madison Avenue while wearing clingy pants went viral. The well-endowed 51-year-old burst out laughing when he was confronted on The Howard Stern Show on Monday about ‘the whole penis thing.’ The 68-year-old host brought … Read more

Chrissy Teigen tells fans she can feel her baby kicking after lifesaving abortion

Chrissy Teigen told fans that she has felt her unborn baby move for the first time and joked that she no longer needs to check in with her doctor on a daily basis. The TV personality, 36, shared the news on social media while sharing a glamorous snap with her husband John Legend ahead of … Read more

UN chief warns global leaders: The world is in ‘great peril’

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Warning that the world is in “great peril,” the head of the United Nations says leaders meeting in person for the first time in three years must tackle conflicts and climate catastrophes, increasing poverty and inequality — and address divisions among major powers that have gotten worse since Russia invaded Ukraine. … Read more

Russian pop star’s war criticism stirs vigorous debate

FILE – Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Russian pop singer Alla Pugacheva pose for a photo during an awards ceremony in Moscow’s Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, Monday, Dec. 22, 2014. Iconic Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, hugely popular since Soviet times, says she wants to be placed on Russia’s foreign agents list in solidarity with … Read more

One of Putin’s biggest supporters in Europe might get cut off by the European Union

The European Union is moving to cut off funds to Hungary after accusing its leader, prime minister Viktor Orbán, of eroding the country’s democracy and ruling as an autocrat, further isolating one of the continent’s last Putin supporters. The southeastern European country of Hungary, which has been led since 2010 by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, … Read more

Best photos Queen Elizabeth II funeral – Harry, Meghan, William, Kate, Charlotte, George | Gallery

By Marisa Laudadio 5:30pm PDT, Sep 19, 2022 _ Surrounded by tens of thousands of flowers left by mourners, Emma — the fell pony Queen Elizabeth II loved to ride around the grounds of her estate in Windsor, England — stands riderless, watching as the monarch’s coffin passes by and returns to Windsor Castle for … Read more