House Republicans issue scathing report criticizing Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal

Washington CNN — At the height of the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan there were only 36 State Department officials on the ground at the Kabul airport to process Afghans who were trying to evacuate, according to a soon-to-be released report from House Republicans, despite the department’s claims that they had surged resources to handle … Read more

Q&A: Anas Haqqani on one year of Taliban rule | Taliban News

Kabul, Afghanistan – Taliban took control of Afghanistan last August, promising to bring peace to the country racked by decades of conflict and US occupation. As the group is set to mark its first anniversary in power, concerns have been raised about the security situation in the country, with ISIL (ISIS) managing to carry out … Read more

Afghan girls face uncertain future after 1 year of no school

By RAHIM FAIEZ and SIDDIQULLAH ALIZAI August 12, 2022 GMT KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — For most teenage girls in Afghanistan, it’s been a year since they set foot in a classroom. With no sign the ruling Taliban will allow them back to school, some are trying to find ways to keep education from stalling … Read more

A year after Taliban, Afghans who chose to stay fear grim future Taliban News

Mina Alimi never left Kabul – not during the wars she was born in, not during the first Taliban government when she was just a little girl, and not even last year when the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban seized her hometown. Even as her friends and colleagues fled fearing the new regime, Alimi, … Read more

A year of Taliban takeover: The missing women in Afghan workforce | Taliban News

It has been a year since 43-year-old Masuda Samar, a senior official at an Afghanistan ministry, stepped into her office. On August 15 last year, she rushed home early from work to be with her family after hearing that the then Afghan president had fled the country, paving the way for the Taliban to seize … Read more

Shiite Muslims in Mideast mark solemn holy day of Ashoura

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Millions of Shiite Muslims — from Iran to Afghanistan and Pakistan — were marking the festival of Ashoura on Monday, one of the most emotional occasions in their religious calendar, commemorating the 7th century martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussein . Security forces, particularly in Taliban-run Afghanistan, were on high … Read more

One year after Afghanistan, spy agencies pivot towards China

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a recent closed-door meeting with leaders of the agency’s counterterrorism center, the CIA’s No. 2 official made clear that fighting al-Qaida and other extremist groups would remain a priority — but that the agency’s money and resources would be increasingly shifted to focusing on China. The CIA drone attack that killed … Read more

EXPLAINER: A look at the missile that killed al-Qaida leader

WASHINGTON (AP) — For a year, US officials have been saying that taking out a terrorist threat in Afghanistan with no American troops on the ground would be difficult but not impossible. Last weekend, the US did just that — killing al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri with a CIA drone strike. Other high-profile airstrikes in the … Read more

The downside: US strike shows Afghanistan still terror base

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is holding out the CIA operation that killed al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri as a monumental strike against the global terror network responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001. But there’s a downside, too. The drone strike also is putting into stark relief the mounting evidence that after 20 … Read more

Taliban under scrutiny as US kills al-Qaida leader in Kabul

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The US drone strike that killed al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri on the balcony of a Kabul safe house intensified global scrutiny Tuesday of Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers and further undermined their efforts to secure international recognition and desperately needed aid. The Taliban had promised in the 2020 Doha Agreement on the terms of … Read more