Dina Boluarte: Can Peru’s President strike a truce with protesters?

CNN — When Dina Boluarte was anointed Peru’s sixth president in five years, she faced battles on two fronts: appeasing the lawmakers who had ousted her boss and predecessor Pedro Castillo, and calming protesters enraged by the dethroning of yet another president. She called for a “political truce” with Congress on her first day of … Read more

Peru: Protester deaths spark calls for reparations amid a painful past

CNN — “If something happens to me, don’t cry,” Leonardo Hancco told his wife, Ruth Barcena, the morning of December 15 in Peru’s southern city of Ayacucho. The 32-year-old taxi driver and father of a seven-year-old girl had decided to join Peru’s nationwide political protests at the last minute. “If I have decided to join … Read more

Public Order Bill: The British government wants to hand police unprecedented powers to handle protesters. Human rights activists say it’s an affront to democracy

London CNN — The British government wants to hand new powers to the police that would allow officers to take stronger action against people engaging in peaceful, political protest. Human rights activists have accused the government of trying to suppress freedom of speech, while opposition politicians claim that Downing Street is simply trying to distract … Read more

Peru protests: Why Peru is in turmoil

CNN — Peru is seeing some of its worst violence in decades, which erupted last month following the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo, as protesters who opposed the current government’s call for political change in the country. In December, a state of emergency was imposed, airports and highways became the site of some clashes, … Read more

Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters breach security barriers, break into Brazilian Congress and presidential palace

CNN — Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday breached security barriers set up by the Armed Forces and gained access to key buildings for each of the three branches of government, including the congressional building, the Supreme Court and the Planalto Presidential Palace, according to images shown in Brazilian media. Footage showed … Read more

Ukraine: Kyiv dismisses Putin’s call for ceasefire as ‘hypocrisy’

CNN — Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his defense minister to implement a temporary ceasefire in Ukraine for 36 hours this week to allow Orthodox Christians to attend Christmas services, according to a Kremlin statement Thursday. But the proposal was quickly dismissed as “hypocrisy” by Ukrainian officials. Putin’s order came after the leader of … Read more

How a network of citizens is sheltering Iran’s protesters

CNN — For months, Leila has barely seen sunlight. “I miss being in the open air…I miss being able to walk freely,” she told CNN. “I miss my family, my room.” Her life now is largely confined to four walls, in a house that is not her own, with people who – until a few … Read more

5 things to know for December 21: Ukraine, Trump’s taxes, Weather, Title 42, Taliban

CNN — Today is the first official day of winter, hence the bitter cold sweeping across most of the US. In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year, when the Earth is at its furthest tilt away from the sun. Depending on how close you are to the North … Read more

Veteran CNN investigative journalist Drew Griffin dies at 60

CNN — Drew Griffin, CNN’s award-winning Senior Investigative Correspondent, known for getting even the toughest of interview subjects to engage in a story, died Saturday after a long battle with cancer, his family said. He was 60. A gifted storyteller, Griffin had a well-earned reputation for holding powerful people and institutions accountable. “Drew’s death is … Read more

How Iran is accessing the social media accounts of protesters to incriminate them, experts say

CNN — In between being blindfolded, locked in solitary confinement, and interrogated in a wheelchair while she was on a hunger strike following her late September arrest, Negin says she had a realization: Iranian officials were using her private Telegram chats, phone logs and text messages to incriminate her. “They told me ‘Do you think … Read more