Russia steps up missile barrage of recaptured Ukrainian city

KHERSON, Ukraine — Natalia Kristenko’s dead body lay covered in a blanket in the doorway of her apartment building for hours overnight. City workers were at first too overwhelmed to retrieve her as they responded to a deadly barrage of attacks that shook Ukraine’s southern city of Kherson. The 62-year-old had walked outside her home … Read more

Employees at the COVID-stricken iPhone factory in China beaten, detained after protests

BEIJING — Police beat workers protesting over a pay dispute at the biggest factory for Apple’s iPhone, whose new model is delayed by controls imposed as China tries to contain a surge in COVID-19 cases. Foxconn 2354, +0.20%, the biggest contract assembler of smartphones and other electronics, is struggling to fill orders for the iPhone … Read more

US seeks expansion of military presence in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — The United States is seeking an expansion of its military presence in the Philippines under a 2014 defense pact, US and Philippine officials said, one of the initiatives Vice President Kamala Harris launched Monday during her visit to America’s oldest treaty ally in Asia. Harries also reaffirmed Washington’s commitment to defend the … Read more

World Cup teams nix armbands that were seen as snub to Qatar

DOHA, Qatar — FIFA’s threat of on-field punishment for players pushed World Cup teams to back down Monday and abandon a plan for their captains to wear armbands that were seen as a rebuke to host nation Qatar’s human rights record. Just hours before the first players wearing the armbands in support of the “One … Read more

Opinion: Vladimir Putin isn’t just losing in Ukraine — he’s set Russia’s economy back 40 years

To win a war you need will and means. I am cautiously optimistic that Ukraine has both in its fight against Russia. Ukrainian will increase with every mass grave of murdered civilians uncovered and with every liberated Ukrainian village. For Ukrainians this war is no longer about territory but about survival as a nation — … Read more

The Biden-Xi Meeting Was All Smiles. But strategic competition is set to escalate.

Ben Wiseman Text size About the author: Reva Goujon is a director for China corporate advisory at Rhodium Group. The world heaved a collective sigh of relief when US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping met for three-plus hours in Bali. The moment came just 38 days after the US dropped a … Read more

Where’s Putin? Leader leaves bad news on Ukraine to others

TALLINN, Estonia — When Russia’s top military brass announced in a televised appearance that they were pulling troops out of the key city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, one man missing from the room was President Vladimir Putin. As Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Gen. Sergei Surovikin, Russia’s chief commander in Ukraine, stiffly recited the … Read more

China’s Xi Jinping Chides Justin Trudeau at G-20, Video Shows

Chinese leader Xi Jinping chided Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over what he described as a media leak during a brief encounter between the adversaries on Wednesday at a Group of 20 summit in Indonesia, a video shows. “Everything we discussed has been leaked to the paper. That’s not appropriate,” a visibly agitated Mr. Xi … Read more

As new omicron strains overtake BA.5 in the US, Biden administration’s public-health emergency may extend into spring

The BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 omicron sublineages jointly accounted for more coronavirus cases than the BA.5 omicron variant in the US in the week through Nov. 12, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The two variants, which are offshoots of BA.5, accounted for 44.1% of all cases recorded in that week, … Read more

Mystery couple spent $2 million dishing out money to strangers around the world — here’s what happened to the recipients

Here’s a new argument for giving away your money instead of keeping it for yourself: You’ll generate measurably more happiness in the world. People who received $10,000 cash gifts as part of a global experiment reported noticeable improvements in their well-being, especially if they were of modest means. But even relatively well-off people felt happier … Read more