The conditions are perfect for a populist resurgence in Europe

CNN — On Sunday night, it is widely expected that Giorgia Meloni will become Italy’s first female prime minister. Her victory would be historic not just because of her gender, but because she leads a party that is further to the right than any mainstream political movement Italy has seen since the days of its … Read more

Occupied parts of Ukraine vote on joining Russia in ‘sham’ referendums

CNN — Four Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine are expected on Friday to begin voting in referendums on joining Russia, in a move that raises the stakes of Moscow’s invasion seven months after fighting began. The referendums, which are illegal under international law, could pave the way for Russian annexation of the areas, allowing Moscow to … Read more

Putin speech: Russia announces immediate ‘partial mobilization’ of citizens for its offensive in Ukraine

CNN — Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the immediate “partial mobilization” of Russian citizens in an escalation of Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine and pledged to use “all means” to defend the country and its people. “Our country also has various means of destruction and in some components more modern than those of the NATO … Read more

White House surges aid to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico on a haunting five-year anniversary

CNN — Exactly five years after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, yet another catastrophic storm is testing the federal government’s capacity to mount a rapid response on an island exposed by its rudimentary infrastructure and vulnerability to climate change. The Biden White House is mobilizing a surge of assistance after Hurricane Fiona triggered lashing rains, … Read more

Local politicians team up to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin

CNN — Russia’s military failures in its war with Ukraine are stirring new opposition to President Vladimir Putin, according to two local politicians who are taking a stand against him. The lack of a quick victory, the inability to take Kyiv and now the successful counter-offensives by Ukraine while Russia has lost so many troops … Read more

‘Not my King’: Anti-monarchy protesters face police crackdown in the UK

London CNN — While thousands of people have taken to the streets of the United Kingdom to remember Queen Elizabeth II following her death last week, critics of the monarchy have used this opportunity to protest, holding signs such as “not my King” – a reference to the new King Charles III. Police have intervened … Read more

Prince William just inherited a 685-year-old estate worth $1 billion

London CNN Business — Royal wills are never made public. That means what happens to much of the Queen’s personal wealth following her death last week will remain a family secret. Forbes estimated last year that the late monarch’s personal fortune was worth $500 million, made up of her jewels, art collection, investments and two … Read more