Taiwan’s military has a problem: As China fears grow, recruitment pool shrinks

Taipei, Taiwan CNN — Taiwan has noticed a hole in its defense plans that is steadily getting bigger. And it’s not one easily plugged by boosting the budget or buying more weapons. The island democracy of 23.5 million is facing an increasing challenge in recruiting enough young men to meet its military targets and its … Read more

Infantino scolds World Cup critics in extraordinary diatribe

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Gianni Infantino said he feels gay. That he feels like a woman. That he feels like a migrant worker. He lectured Europeans for criticizing Qatar’s human rights record and defended the host country’s last-minute decision to ban beer from World Cup stadiums. The FIFA president delivered a one-hour tirade on the … Read more

Soccer-mad Germans turning their backs on World Cup

BERLIN (AP) — Normally when the World Cup comes around, Germans happily wave their country’s flag and enthusiastically support their team. Not this time. Anyone walking around Berlin this week will struggle to notice any signs of World Cup fervor. There are no flags, no signs, no public viewing events – no indication that the … Read more

Gianni Infantino: Explosive tirade from FIFA boss threatens to overshadow World Cup opener

Doha, Qatar CNN — The World Cup finally gets underway on Sunday after 12 years of questions and criticisms of the tournament being held in Qatar. But although kickoff for the opening match is just hours away, soccer itself is still being overshadowed by off-the-field matters. FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s extraordinary tirade against Western critics … Read more