Dina Boluarte: Can Peru’s President strike a truce with protesters?

CNN — When Dina Boluarte was anointed Peru’s sixth president in five years, she faced battles on two fronts: appeasing the lawmakers who had ousted her boss and predecessor Pedro Castillo, and calming protesters enraged by the dethroning of yet another president. She called for a “political truce” with Congress on her first day of … Read more

Peru: Protester deaths spark calls for reparations amid a painful past

CNN — “If something happens to me, don’t cry,” Leonardo Hancco told his wife, Ruth Barcena, the morning of December 15 in Peru’s southern city of Ayacucho. The 32-year-old taxi driver and father of a seven-year-old girl had decided to join Peru’s nationwide political protests at the last minute. “If I have decided to join … Read more

Peru’s Andes ‘descended’ on capital to demand leader resign

LIMA, Peru (AP) — People poured into Peru’s coastal capital, many from remote Andean regions, for a protest Thursday against President Dina Boluarte and in support of her predecessor, whose ouster last month launched deadly unrest and cast the nation into political chaos. There was a tense calm in the streets of Lima Thursday morning … Read more

Peru protests: Why Peru is in turmoil

CNN — Peru is seeing some of its worst violence in decades, which erupted last month following the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo, as protesters who opposed the current government’s call for political change in the country. In December, a state of emergency was imposed, airports and highways became the site of some clashes, … Read more

Peru’s accidental president fails to quell violent protests

LIMA, Peru (AP) — It might be the world’s shortest political honeymoon. Almost since the moment last week when Dina Boluarte took over from the ousted leader Pedro Castillo to become Peru’s first female president, she has appealed for calm and a chance to govern, insisting that the caretaker job came to her out of … Read more

Peru: New President Dina Boluarte battles to contain widespread protests

CNN — One week into her presidency, Peru’s new President Dina Boluarte is battling to contain widespread protests that erupted after the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo. She is the country’s sixth president in less than five years. Boluarte announced Tuesday the government will set up a crisis management committee as protests calling for … Read more

Peru’s new government declares police state amid protests

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Peru’s new government imposed a police state Wednesday in response to violent protests following the ouster of President Pedro Castillo. The 30-day national emergency declaration suspends the rights of “personal security and freedom” across the Andean nation. Acts of vandalism, violence and highway blockades “require a forceful and authoritative response from … Read more

Anger in rural areas fuel protests against Peru government

ANDAHUAYLAS, Peru (AP) — The anger of Peruvians against their government is nowhere more visible than in Andahuaylas, a remote rural Andean community where the poor have struggled for years and where voters’ support helped elect now-ousted President Pedro Castillo, himself a peasants like them. Their fury is such that their protests continued Monday despite … Read more

Peru’s ex-president faced bigotry for impoverished past

LIMA, Peru (AP) — When Pedro Castillo won Peru’s presidency last year, it was celebrated as a victory by the country’s poor — the peasants and indigenous people who live deep in the Andes and whose struggles had long been ignored. His supporters hoped Castillo, a populist outsider of humble roots, would redress their plight … Read more

Rapid fall from power, arrest for embattled Peruvian president

LIMA, Peru (AP) — In just three tumultuous hours, President Pedro Castillo went from decreeing the dissolution of Peru’s Congress to being replaced by his vice presidentbut the threats against his government had been building throughout his nearly 17-month presidency. The former school teacher and center-left political novicewho won a runoff election in June 2021 … Read more