Denounced By Her Classmates, Anti-War Russian Teen Faces A Long Prison Term

The Russian government did not wait for the trial of Olesya Krivtsova, a 19-year-old student in the northern city of Arkhangelsk, to even begin before adding her to its list of “terrorists and extremists.” The designation on January 10 came as Krivtsova spends her second month under house arrest, facing the possibility of more than … Read more

Kyiv Says Forces Outnumbered, Battling ‘Intensifying’ Russian Attacks Near Bakhmut

The United States and Germany have announced plans to send dozens of advanced battle tanks to Ukraine following intense debate and pressure from NATO allies to respond positively to Kyiv’s calls for as many as 300 tanks to help it repel Russia’s 11-month-old full-scale invasion. Live Briefing: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine RFE/RL’s Live Briefing gives … Read more

Russian State Duma Head Joins Officials Warning Of Nuclear Retaliation In Ukraine

KYIV — Ukrainian security agents were responsible for killing a Ukrainian banker who reportedly served as a crucial information conduit and negotiator with Russia in the run-up to last year’s invasion, a top intelligence official said. The comments, made by General Kyrylo Budanov in an interview with RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service, add further to the mystery … Read more

Russia Rainy Day Fund Shrinks By $38 Bln As Government Plugs Deficit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy turned up the pressure on Germany to supply battle tanks to Ukraine, appealing directly to Berlin on January 19 to overcome its reluctance to provide the heavy armor that Kyiv says it needs now on the battlefield. Zelenskiy addressed Germany’s leaders in an interview with public broadcaster ARD, saying: “In plain … Read more

Russians Mourn Soldiers Killed In Attack As Kremlin Blames Troops’ Cell Phone Use For Revealing Location

Residents in the Russian region of Samara gathered on January 3 to mourn the loss of local soldiers killed in one of Ukraine’s deadliest defensive strikes as Moscow put the blame on its own soldiers for using their mobile phones, which might have provided the data Ukraine used to locate them. Russia’s Defense Ministry said … Read more

Ukrainian Paratroopers On The Battle For The Donbas City Of Kreminna

KREMINNA, Ukraine — For the paratroopers of a Ukrainian airborne brigade, there’s only one way to describe the waves of Russian infantry who are relentlessly pressing the Ukrainian lines in and around this Donbas city: Meat. “First, they throw in the mobilized soldiers for certain death, like meat,” said one soldier who asked not to … Read more

US-Trained Afghan Soldiers Angry Over Their Plight Are Ready To Join Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Lost status and a desperate existence in Iran are driving thousands of former Afghan troops — many of them elite commandos trained by the United States — to consider fighting as mercenaries in Ukraine and other battlefields. Many ex-Afghan security personnel accuse the United States of abandoning them after the Taliban regained power last year. … Read more

Biden Hails Retaking Of Kherson As CIA Chief Warns Russian Counterpart On Nuclear Threat

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has hailed Ukraine’s recapture of Kherson during a surprise visit to the strategic southern city as the possible “beginning of the end of the war,” but warned that such victories came at a high price. The liberation of Kherson over the last few days was one of Ukraine’s biggest successes in nearly … Read more

In New Tactic, Young Iranian Protesters Knock Off Clerics’ Turbans On The Street

Toomaj Salehi’s lyrical support for protesters in Iran has landed him behind bars before, but this time the popular rapper’s fortune-telling has fans and family members fearing for his life. Just days before his September 30 arrest, the 32-year-old Salehi released his latest music video, in which he makes foreboding predictions about the future of … Read more

How Western Tech In Iranian Drones Is Helping Russia Wage War On Ukraine

Over the past five years, Iranian officials and state media have touted the “indigenous“ingenuity in the Islamic republic’s mass-produced Mohajer-6 combat drone, which Russia has deployed in its war against Ukraine. But a new investigation by Schemes, the investigative unit of RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service, has found that electronic components underpinning Tehran’s production of the Mohajer-6 … Read more