Biden welcomes Macron amid friction over US climate law

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron are celebrating the long-standing US-French relationship, but these are friends with differences. The French leader is using his visit to Washington to sharply criticize aspects of his ally’s signature climate law as a bad deal for Europe. Biden was to honor Macron with the first state … Read more

Flatheaded dinosaur lived on island of dwarfed creatures

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — A previously unknown dinosaur with a remarkably flat head lived around 70 million years ago on an island home to dwarfed prehistoric creatures. Discovered in what’s now western Romania, the Transylvanosaurus platycephalus (flatheaded … Read more

Salt, drought decimate buffaloes in Iraq’s southern marshes

CHIBAYISH, Iraq (AP) — Abbas Hashem fixed his worried gaze on the horizon — the day was almost gone and still, there was no sign of the last of his water buffaloes. He knows that when his animals don’t come back from roaming the marshes of this part of Iraq, they must be dead. The … Read more

Prehistoric humans were surprisingly creative cooks

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — Stone Age cooks were surprisingly sophisticated, combining an array of ingredients and using different techniques to prepare and flavor their meals, analysis of some of the earliest charred food remains has suggested. Plant … Read more

White House Admits We Might Need to Block the Sun to Stop Climate Change

We’re entering the final days of COP27, the UN’s annual climate summit, and it’s safe to say that this year’s edition was disappointing—to say the least. It was widely panned by climate experts and activists and drew intense criticism for being sponsored by the likes of Coca-Cola, the world’s leading plastic polluter. Moreover, like so … Read more

EU shakes up climate talks with surprise disaster fund offer

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) — Climate talks appeared stalled late Thursday on major issues going into the final day, but possibilities for a deal were buoyed by an unexpected proposal by the European Union on two of the thorniest issues, tying compensation for climate disasters to tougher emissions cuts. Minutes after the United Nations summit’s … Read more

Can Lula slam the brakes on Brazil’s rampant deforestation? It will be harder this time

Area, Sao Paulo State, Brazil CNN — The drive through Sao Paulo state in Brazil is decidedly unremarkable, blocks and blocks of high-rise buildings give way to commuter highways and eventually to gentle rolling hills. It is hardly the scene where one would expect to find the climate’s salvation. And yet as Luis Guedes Pinto … Read more

In brutal drought, Kenyan herders look for hope underground

By WANJOHI KABUKURU and BRIAN INGANGA November 14, 2022 GMT ARCHERS POST, Kenya (AP) — Letoyie Leroshi walked for five days hunting water. After three years of drought in Samburu County, Kenya, the riverbeds were bone-dry. Then Leroshi found a patch of wet sand in the sunbaked Ewaso Ng’iro riverbed. He brought a group … Read more

How Climate Change Doomerism Is Even Taking Over Scientists

The UN’s annual climate summit COP27 kicked off this week in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt with a shockingly bleak message from Secretary General António Guterres: “We are in the fight of our lives, and we are losing. Greenhouse gas emissions keep growing, global temperatures keep rising, and our planet is fast approaching tipping points that will … Read more

Arctic permafrost is thawing rapidly. It affects us all

CNN — Four years ago, Morris J. Alexie had to move out of the house his father built in Alaska in 1969 because it was sinking into the ground and water was beginning to seep into his home. “The bogs are showing up in between houses, all over our community. There are currently seven houses … Read more