House Republicans issue scathing report criticizing Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal

Washington CNN — At the height of the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan there were only 36 State Department officials on the ground at the Kabul airport to process Afghans who were trying to evacuate, according to a soon-to-be released report from House Republicans, despite the department’s claims that they had surged resources to handle … Read more

Iran, Lebanon reaction to Salman Rushdie attack | News

Mixed reactions to author Salman Rushdie’s attack came out of the Middle East as he fought for his life on a ventilator in New York. An official from Iran-backed Lebanese armed group Hezbollah said on Saturday it had no additional information on the stabbing. “We don’t know anything about this subject, so we will not … Read more

Salman Rushdie: Famed author remains hospitalized after stabbing attack as venue faces scrutiny over security

CNN — The venue where renowned author Salman Rushdie – whose controversial work has triggered death threats – was stabbed Friday had rejected previous recommendations to toughen security measures, two sources told CNN. Rushdie, 75, was stabbed at least twice on stage at the Chautauqua Institution before he was slated to give a lecture, New … Read more

Author Salman Rushdie on ventilator after New York stabbing

CHAUTAUQUA, NY (AP) — Salman Rushdie, whose novel “The Satanic Verses” drew death threats from Iran’s leader in the 1980s, was stabbed in the neck and abdomen Friday by a man who rushed the stage as the author was about to give a lecture in western New York. A bloodied Rushdie, 75, was flown to … Read more

‘We’re back, baby’: New bill boosts US climate credibility

WASHINGTON (AP) — After a moment when hopes dimmed that the United States could become an international leader on climate change, legislation that Congress is poised to approve could rejuvenate the country’s reputation and bolster its efforts to push other nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more quickly. The head-snapping turn of events, which has … Read more

FAO food price index fell sharply in July but the respite may not last

Farmers harvest a wheat field near Melitopol in Ukraine. Wheat, soybean, sugar, and corn futures have fallen from their March highs back to prices seen at the start of 2022. Olga Maltseva Afp | Getty Images Food prices dropped significantly in July from the previous month, particularly the costs of wheat and vegetable oil, according … Read more

Senate Democrats approve big Biden deal; House to vote next

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats pushed their election-year economic package to Senate passage Sunday, a hard-fought compromise less ambitious than President Joe Biden’s original domestic vision but one that still meets deep-rooted party goals of slowing global warming, moderating pharmaceutical costs and taxing immense corporations. The estimated $740 billion package heads next to the House, where … Read more

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu says the island will stand up to ‘more serious’ China threats

Taipei, Taiwan CNN — China’s threat to Taiwan is “more serious than ever,” but the island will stand firm to protect its freedom and democracy – including by welcoming those who support it, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told CNN in an interview Monday. Wu’s defiant message came as China said it continued military drills … Read more

5 things to know for August 8: Senate vote, Air travel, Immigration, Uvalde, Gaza

CNN — If you shop at large retailers like Costco, Walmart, and Target, you’ve probably noticed that next to many name-brand products are cheaper in-house alternatives. Those store brands – like Kirkland Signature, Great Value, and Simple Truth – have never been more popular, especially among inflation-fatigued shoppers. But have you ever wondered who’s behind … Read more

China launches long-range airstrike drills around Taiwan

CNN — Chinese forces took part in drills focused on land attacks and long-range airstrikes around Taiwan on Sunday, its military said, on what was expected to be the final day of extensive exercises rolled out in response to a visit to the island by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Eastern Theater Command of … Read more