The Best AirPods Case (2022)

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Apple AirPods wireless headphones with charging box

For many people, the convenience and ease presented by Apple AirPods have made them an essential in daily life. AirPods are wireless and discreet, and are safely stored in a charging case to stay protected from dust, dirt and damage. But what about the case itself? Since it’s small, it can be easy to lose track of or scratch up, especially if you take them with you everywhere. The good news is that there are countless options available for AirPods cases and covers to personalize and protect them all at the same time.

However, with all these options available, it can be overwhelming to find and choose the right case. To help make the decision process easier, we crafted a list of the highest-quality AirPods cases of 2022, followed by a complete buyer’s guide.

top picks

Best overall: MOBOSI AirPods Pro Case

Precisely designed for AirPods Pro charging case

Precisely designed for AirPods Pro charging case

Our first pick is this unique and durable case for the AirPods. Available in five colors, this heavy-duty carbon fiber case provides full-body protection against bumps, scratches and drops.

The outer hard shell includes reinforced corners with excellent shock resistance. Despite its serious look, the case isn’t overly bulky and doesn’t take away from the convenience of AirPods; the LED charging light and charging ports are still visible and easily accessible with it on, as is the reset button. This product also features a security clasp to keep the charging case closed at all times, which reduces the chances of you losing an AirPod. A carabiner is also included which can be attached to your bag, keys, pants or water bottle to keep your AirPods close by.

Runner-up: Cute Pink Coffee Cup AirPods Case

All-round protection design, this protective cover has good elasticity, shock absorption and anti-fall

All-round protection design, this protective cover has good elasticity, shock absorption and anti-fall

For the coffee lover, this cute pink AirPods case is a stylish and practical choice.

With a unique design and anti-fingerprint technology, this option is compatible with the first and second generation of AirPods. It is made using high-quality and organic silicone, which is ideal if you are looking for a soft cover that will not collect dust easily while protecting from scratches and drops. The charging port is easily accessible through the precise cutout. This case also includes a small keychain with an affirmational lanyard and charms, which can attach your AirPods to your keys or be removed for separate use. The pink Starbucks design will be preferred by anyone who is a fan of coffee, so it also makes a perfect gift for friends and loved ones. The company offers a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee if you require a replacement or aren’t satisfied.

Contender: R-fun AirPods Case Cover

Case Cover fits perfectly with regular and wireless charging for AirPods Case

Case Cover fits perfectly with regular and wireless charging for AirPods Case

If you are looking for a simple yet durable silicone cover, you can’t go wrong with this AirPods case.

It is compatible with first and second generation AirPods and offers style while ensuring convenience. The LED light and charging port are visible and accessible through the case, while the material ensures protection from scratches and bumps. It’s also flexible, soft to the touch and shockproof. The case is rated for drops up to four feet and is waterproof at depths up to 3.3 feet. Additionally, this case is extremely thin so it does not add any bulk or weight to your AirPods. For added convenience, a metal carabiner clip is included to attach them to your bag or keys. This case is available in over 30 colors, so there are many options to choose from depending on your personal style. The company also offers a one-year replacement or refund warranty.

Honorable mention: BRG Airpods Pro Case

For newest AirPods Pro Case, made of premium soft silicone, protects your AirPods against bumps, drops and scratches

For newest AirPods Pro Case, made of premium soft silicone, protects your AirPods against bumps, drops and scratches

This silicone AirPods case is the ideal choice for individuals who have AirPods Pro and want stylish yet reliable protection.

Available in over 30 colors and designs, this case is very resistant to bumps and scratches. The precise charging port cutout makes it easy to charge without removing the case, while the LED charging light is easily visible as well. The material is thin enough to also support wireless charging for added convenience. Sealed to block out dust and dirt, there is even a plug to close the charging port when not in use to keep the case clean and functioning for a long time. The hinge design on this product has been recently upgraded to ensure long-term protection. Also, a metal carabiner clip is included and can be attached to your belongings, making the case hard to lose.

Also consider: Doboli AirPods Case Cover

Protect airpods prevent bumps and scratches

Protect airpods prevent bumps and scratches

Last but not least, this option is also made with high-grade and elastic silicone but comes in a two pack.

This gives you two color options to swap between, or you can keep one and give the other as a gift. Compatible with the first and second generation AirPods, the case is easy to install and is thin enough to support wireless charging as well as show the LED charging light. The surface is also very smooth and does not attract particles like dust or lint, so your AirPods will stay clean while protected from scratches, bumps and falls. The positioning of the charging port and the setup button keep them accessible with the case on. There are over 30 color combinations options available, so the options are abundant. Each AirPods case also comes with metal carabiner for convenient fastening to your items.

Buyer’s guide for finding an AirPods case

AirPods cases and covers are necessary to keep your wireless headphones and their charging case protected from regular wear and tear. In this guide, we provide answers to possible questions regarding AirPods cases and choosing the optimal one.

Why you should buy an AirPods case

Many people think that the AirPods charging case itself is enough protection. It certainly provides some, but investing in a good quality case for your AirPods can really help increase their life.

The white, shiny AirPods charging case is very likely to get scratches and scuffs, especially when it slips to the bottom of bags and comes into contact with all kinds of stuff. Additionally, a lot of AirPods cases are designed to provide protection against drops, which the charging case is vulnerable against. The hinge of the charging case needs protection too, because it can break or loosen. Waterproof cases also protect your AirPods from sweat and rain.

Plus, besides extending the longevity of your AirPods, why not personalize them to match your style? With the plethora of options available in the market, you can surely find a color and pattern that you like or that matches your other devices. If you live with roommates or family that also use AirPods, this can also help you keep track of which ones belong to you.

Compatibility of AirPods models and cases

When purchasing an AirPods case, it’s important to ensure that it’s compatible with the AirPods model you own. Right now, there are five models of AirPods on the market: the first generation, the second generation, the AirPods Pro, the AirPods Max and the new third generation. For the most part, each of these models have slight differences in the sizes of the case, so they are not interchangeable. Only the cases of the first and the second generation AirPods are interchangeable, so if you are upgrading between these models, you can use the same case.

The charging port and the setup button are also positioned differently on each model, so you need a case that has precise cutouts for these. Some models also have the LED charging light on the front of the case, while others have it inside the case.

Materials of AirPods cases

AirPods cases are available in a few different materials, and each has its own features. Below, we cover the advantages and disadvantages of two of the most common materials.


Silicone is the most common and popular material for AirPods cases. It provides a high level of protection against scratches and dust, and moderate protection against falls. A good property of silicone is that it is flexible which makes it easy to put the case on or take it off. A silicone case needs to fit snugly in order to provide maximum protection, so avoid cases that seem too big or come off easily. The color and design options in silicone cases are endless, so you can easily find one that matches your preferences. Silicone cases tend to be cheaper than TPU cases, but are not quite as protective.


Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, is another common and extremely durable material for AirPods cases. It is more durable than silicone because it provides a higher level of protection against drops and falls. Most TPU cases are designed to prevent them from being slippery. Some are also designed to be waterproof, which tend to be priced slightly higher than others. If you usually go outdoors for hiking or camping trips, or take your AirPods to the gym, you may want to invest in a waterproof case for maximum protection against rain and sweat.

Ideal thickness of AirPods cases

TPU cases tend to be thicker than silicone ones, which is why they provide higher protection against drops. However, thicker does not always mean better. A thin case can prove to be extremely functional for you, especially if your primary goal is to ensure protection against scratches.

The thinner the AirPods case, the more transparent it is to easily view the LED light. If you want a thicker case, make sure that it specifically addresses this. You may choose a bulky case if you do not mind the added length or width, and prefer the case’s design. For example, the pink coffee cup case is large but unique in its style. However, if you are satisfied with the size of the original AirPods, you may find extremely thin and sleek cases to be optimal for your needs.

People also asked

Q: Can I charge my AirPods wirelessly with a case on?

A: It depends on the case. Not all AirPods cases are designed to support wireless charging, so if this is your preferred charging method, you will need to choose a case (usually thin silicone) that supports it.

Q: What additional accessories should I look for in an AirPods case?

A: The most useful accessory that comes with most AirPods cases is a metal carabiner. This feature allows you to conveniently attach your AirPods to your bag or other belongings, reducing the chances of you losing them.

Q: Can I get rid of scratches on my AirPods charging case?

A: If you notice one or two scratches on your AirPods charging case, you can use sandpaper to gently sand away the scratches. Avoid being too harsh so as not to damage the color. Use a cotton pad and alcohol to clean the surface, and put a case on to avoid further scratches.

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