The Best Bathroom Rugs (2022)

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Whether you need a functional mat to place under your bathroom sink, or a runner for giving the area around your tub a classy look, a bathroom rug is the answer. In a modern home, a bathroom rug has become a staple of bathroom decor. However, before you decide to just go ahead and buy a mat for your bathroom, you should know the things to keep an eye out for. So, allow us to take you through this guide teaching you all about the top bathroom rugs in 2022 and giving you a complete rundown of the buying process.

So, what exactly do we have planned for today? Well, we’ll start things off by taking you through the ideal options the online marketplace has to offer when it comes to bathroom rugs. We’ll break down the features making them such great assets as well as assess the differences between them. And, this curated list will be supplemented with a handy buying guide, taking you through the purchasing journey and equipping you with some killer tips.

top picks

Best overall: Gorilla Grip Chenille bathroom rug

Our most absorbent bath rug

Our most absorbent bath rug

This option by Gorilla Grip kicks off this list with a bang! Its chenille fabric is made from a premium blend of microfiber. This magic material offers a lot of benefits including enhanced absorbency, small dry times, easy maintenance, and resistance to fading. Quite the resume, huh? And, let’s also not forget that the chenille facade offers a level of comfort and coziness that is unparalleled. And even greater, this pick is also machine washable. Easy maintenance AND longevity? Consider us sold! We particularly loved how this offering comes in an extensive variety of colors and size options, rightfully earning its place at the top of our list.

Key features:

Elite design: Clara Clark velvet bathroom rug

This super soft and ultra-comfortable bath rug feels super comfortable when your feet steps on it, made of super soft Velvet Fleece, filled with soft memory foam cushioning.

This super soft and ultra-comfortable bath rug feels super comfortable when your feet steps on it, made of super soft Velvet Fleece, filled with soft memory foam cushioning.

What happens when you bring together the mushiest velvet fleece and premium soft memory foam? Well, you get the dreamy-soft experience this option from Clara Clark provides. There is a full 1 inch of memory foam cushioning this bad boy. So, rest assured, your feet will be treated to a supreme level of comfort. Just like our top pick, this bathroom mat is also machine washable and, even after an umpteenth number of washes, you can expect it to hold its stitching, colors, and shape. Many customers have noted that this mat comes a little creased. So, we recommend laying it out flat and stomping on it a couple of times, ensuring it lays flat.

Key features:

Great Durability: Amazon Basics cotton bathroom rug

Towel-like bath mat offers added safety and a warm, dry place to stand when stepping out of the shower

Towel-like bath mat offers added safety and a warm, dry place to stand when stepping out of the shower

Amazon Basics does things a bit differently with this cotton option. Unlike our other picks, both the front and back of this item are made from the same material with no added anti-skid element. And, since this material is cotton, this product washes well, is extremely lightweight and is great at absorbing moisture. The edges of the Amazon Basics option have been reinforced and double-stitched, ensuring that it won’t fray over time or lose its shape. Also, since there is no rubberized backing, you don’t have to wash it separately. Simply toss it in the washer with your other clothes and you’ll be good to go. Pretty convenient if you ask us.

Key features:

  • One size option of 31 inches x 20 inches

  • Available in 11 colors and styles

  • No anti-slip elements at the bottom, making it easier to clean

Most comfortable: H.VERSAILTEX chenille bathroom rug

These upgraded luxurious shag rugs can soak up the water and keep your floor dry like a giant sponge

These upgraded luxurious shag rugs can soak up the water and keep your floor dry like a giant sponge

H.VERSAILTEX claims that their chenille product boasts a density of 2000 g/sm, far more than what the competition provides. In simple terms, this pick has more microfiber in each square meter of material. And, since microfiber is all about enhancing comfort and providing superior absorbency, we’re all for it! And, let’s not forget that the thick tuft offers an amazing texture to treat your feet with, caring you every time you leave the shower. This texture also adds to the product’s overall aesthetic appeal and coziness factor. On the flip side, these tufts add to the item’s height, taking it up to 1.5 inches. This means that the H.VERSAILTEX chenille option may not be as low profile as you’d like.

Key features:

Great Value: Turquoise chenille bathroom rug

The chenille fabric microfiber bathroom rug feature extra-thick quality, it is designed to quickly absorb water, keeping your bathroom floors dry and clear

The chenille fabric microfiber bathroom rug feature extra-thick quality, it is designed to quickly absorb water, keeping your bathroom floors dry and clear

If you’re a firm advocate of “you get what you pay for”, take a look at this bathroom product from Turquoize, your perceptions are about to be obliterated. A machine-washable item that is super comfortable, highly absorbent, and comes at an amazing price point? Count us in! This product is made from microfiber chenille fabric, lending the item its signature tufty and mushy feel. These soft tufts feel amazing on the feet, allowing them to sink into the mat with ease and offering amazing coziness and comfort. Customers particularly appreciate the premium stitching this pick boasts as well as the enhanced longevity it provides.

Key features:

A buying guide to the ultimate bathroom rugs

From their various benefits to the different types available to the key considerations, you should know when in the market for one, this buyer’s guide will take you through all there is to know about these products.

Should you buy a rug for your bathroom?

A bathroom rug is nothing short of essential. Here are three reasons proving it:


A chic item will make your bathroom look more complete and really add to the overall aesthetic. These products also come to the rescue when you’re looking to imbue a specific vibe to a space but are running short on ideas.


No one likes a pool of water in the bathroom. And, let’s not forget that these spills can become host to bacteria, mold, and other germs. By placing these products in the right places, you can effectively keep your bathroom free of spills and pooled water.

Safety & comfort

A bathroom rug will not only keep your floors safe from water damage but will also protect you from slipping and tripping on a wet floor. Plus, let’s remember that it’s so much more comfortable standing on a cushioned surface than on hard tiles while brushing your teeth or shaving.

Things to consider when buying a rug for your bathroom

Now that you know all about the benefits of having a rug in your bathroom, here are three important factors you should consider before pulling the trigger on a purchase:


First thing’s first, make sure that your new product fits well in your bathroom. We recommend measuring the area where you’d like to place it, then referring to the measurements available on the product page. The general rule of thumb is to place smaller items under the sink or at the entrance shower to a shower.

You can also go for runner models if you have more space in your bathroom. Along with the length and width, you must also consider height. This is especially true if you’re planning on placing it in an area a door goes over. In such cases, you should opt for something low profile enough to not become an obstacle.

Anti slip backing

Most of these products come backed with some sort of an anti-skid element. This can be in the form of rubberized dots or hot melt sprayed adhesives. Regardless, an anti-slip product will stay in place and not slide when a floor gets wet. This may sound like the best invention ever but you may not need an anti-slip version.

You see, anti-skid options are great if you’d want to place something outside a shower. The adhesive backing ensures your feet maintain a good grip after a long shower. However, a standard model like the Amazon Basics cotton option will be more than adequate if you need something for placing under a sink.

Buying tips for finding high-quality bathroom rugs

Now let’s take you through some tips for helping you make a more informed decision when in the market for a new bathroom rug:

Colors & designs

Most interior decorators say that you should complement the overall theme of your bathroom with these kinds of products. So, basically, if your bathroom and its fixtures have a neutral theme, the safest bet is to go for an option in a muted shade.

However, you can always go crazy on the decor, adding a pop of color to your bathroom by adding contrasting colors and patterns into the mix. In short, what’s important is that you have the power to do whatever you like with decor. So, it’s a good idea to opt for items coming in a vast array of designs and colors for you to play around with.


Bathroom products like these are usually made with either microfiber, cotton or velvet. Each fabric boasts a unique set of benefits over others so you should choose accordingly. For example, microfiber is extremely comfortable, durable, and lightweight but it isn’t as absorbent as cotton.

Cotton versions are generally cheaper but they don’t offer the type of luxury that velvet models provide. Velvet items usually boast memory foam cushioning which really enhances the level of comfort and support they provide.

How did we choose our favorite bathroom rugs?

We looked for these three factors when shortlisting the top bathroom mats for you:


A bathroom mat is supposed to aid with your home’s maintenance by keeping your bathroom clean. So, it’s no good if the piece of cloth itself is hard to maintain. So, we made sure that all our listed products were machine washable, easy to clean, and quick-drying.

Comfort & warmth

No one likes stepping out of the shower onto cold hard floors. So, the second thing that our team ensured was to only select mats providing some sort of cushioning, offering coziness for your feet.


Last but not least, a bathroom mat that can’t hold water well is no good, right? So, when selecting our top picks, we made sure to only consider products that quickly and thoroughly absorbed water without becoming overly heavy.

People also asked

Here are some common questions regarding bathroom rugs and some brief yet comprehensive answers to them:

Q: How often should you wash your bathroom rugs?

A: We recommend washing your bathroom mats every week if the bathroom is shared by multiple individuals. On the other hand, a wash every two weeks should be sufficient if only one adult uses the bathroom.

Q: Where should bathroom rugs be placed?

A: We recommend placing mats at a shower entrance and under a sink. You can opt for something longer for dressing up the area in front of a tub or if your bathroom is relatively large.

Q: What is the best type of rug for a bathroom?

A: Microfiber bathroom rugs, like the Gorilla Grip chenille option, are a great pick for most bathrooms. They handle foot traffic well, wash superbly, and are extremely lightweight as well as absorbent.

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