The Best Blenders for 2022

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Make delicious smoothies and shakes with the best blender

Over the years, kitchen appliances have helped make cooking easier and more fun. The blender is one of the most common kitchen appliances in households and restaurants, used to pulverize both hot and cold food products. There is a wide range of blenders made for different purposes, which makes it time-consuming to find the right one. We reviewed the most in-demand blenders of 2022, so you can buy one that suits your blending needs.

top picks

Best large capacity: Ninja Blender

Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

The Ninja blender is a professional blender that operates at 1100W, providing quick and reliable results.

This blender comes with three speeds, a pulse setting, and single-serve functions so you can use it for a wide range of recipes. Furthermore, the blending pitcher holds up to 72oz so you have a large capacity for professional or personal use. The durable plastic pitcher allows for easy pouring and includes easy-to-see measurements. Take note that the blades are not designed for grinding.

Key features:

  • Comes with two 16oz cups with lids

  • Travel cups come with blender attachments for a single-serve portion

  • Blender components are dishwasher safe and BPA free

  • Comes in a gray color

Best for crushing ice: Hamilton Beach Blender

Blender to Puree - Crush Ice - and Make Shakes and Smoothies

Blender to Puree – Crush Ice – and Make Shakes and Smoothies

The Hamilton Beach blender is made from glass, ensuring a non-reactive and odor-free blending experience.

This blender’s small size makes it easy to carry and store without any hassle. With durable blades and a wattage of 700, this blender is well-equipped to crush ice and other harder foods. It also features a wave action system that maintains consistency by pulling the blended mixture down. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean without making any mess. Due to this being made out of glass, it is heavier in weight despite being compact.

Key features:

Best self-cleaning: Vitamix Blender

Professional grade exploratory blender

Professional grade exploratory blender

The Vitamix blender is available in black, red, and slate gray colors making it a perfect match with any kitchen setup.

The 48oz pitcher allows you to make multiple drinks or batches for family-sized meals and servings. The blades are made from hardened stainless steel providing you with uniform results. In addition, it comes with a convenient self-cleaning option, so you don’t have to disassemble the blender to wash it. It has a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system, ensuring no reaction when blending hot liquids.

Key features:

Professional grade: Blend Tec Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

The Blend Tec blender elevates your blending experience to create high-quality drinks like smoothies, shakes, and cocktails.

This option can be used for professional and domestic setups. Its blades are thick and durable, with a large-capacity pitcher so you can make large batches of your favorite blended beverages.

Key features:

Best design: Easter Blender

Oster Blender with glass jar

Oster Blender with glass jar

The Oster blender comes with smart settings technology, including three pre-programmed settings and seven speeds to create a variety of blended goods.

It comes with a 3.5-inch blade system and dual direction blade technology with extra blending power so you can chop and grind things with maximum precision. Its main blending container is made from Boroclass glass, making it thermal shock resistant.

Key features:

Best blenders buying guide

You should get to know the ins and outs of all types and uses of blenders to make the best decision. Our buying guide will help you find the perfect blender suited for your needs.

What to consider when choosing a blender

Blenders are an essential kitchen appliance. Here is a list of things you should consider when choosing one.


Blenders come in many different sizes. The most common range is between three to nine cups, or 24 to 72 ounces. If you are working with limited counter and storage space in your kitchen, go for a smaller one. However, if you have adequate storage space and blend larger batches, consider a family-sized blender. People who prefer to make large batches of shakes and smoothies may prefer large-capacity blenders to avoid the frustration of repeated use.

Usually, a single-size blender can make three or four servings, while a larger blender can accommodate eight to ten servings. In short, the size of your blender depends on the number of servings along with storage space.


It is essential to look for a blender with multiple speed options. Most options with three to ten settings are best as they can make a variety of foods and beverages. Another thing that controls your speed and blending process is the pulse button. You should opt for a blender that comes with a pulse button. Different speed settings allow you to perform activities like making shakes, grinding spices, blending sauces and much more.


The power determines how much electricity your blender consumes and how effectively the blender operates. A typical blender consumes anywhere between 500 and 1200W. If you are looking for a heavy duty professional blender, go for a high power model.

Special attachments

Special attachments are essential if you perform multiple grinding and blending tasks. Most blenders come with personal to-go cups, tools to stir or scrape the container’s walls, different blade options or choppers and grinders.

What attachments usually come with a blender?

These are the additional accessories that usually accompany a blender.

Personal to go cups

Personal to-go cups are usually 16oz cups specially designed to blend and transport a single serving of any drink. They are usually made of plastic and often come with a handle and a leak-proof cover so you can take them with you. These are perfect for people who want to grab a drink on the go. If you are a gym enthusiast or a travel junkie, these cups help you create your own healthy beverages and conveniently take them along. Personal cups are not always available in older models.


A chopper is designed to help you chop dry herbs and vegetables. This add-on comes with sharp blades so that you can finely chop any kind of item. A chopper might leak if you add lots of liquid to them. You can use the items in a recipe or garnish your food with them. Most blender models come with choppers by default. It is essential to get a 2-in-1 blender/chopper set from a reputed brand to eliminate the chances of leakage.


A grinder is another essential component that helps you pulverize dry items into powder. It can also be used to make pastes and batters. You can grind objects of multiple types in one grinder as well. Most people use it for grinding different things like rice, lentils, coffee, and spices. Upgraded versions of a blender set often come with a grinder. However, you can purchase one of the same models separately.

What are blender containers made of?

Blender containers or jars are typically made of stainless steel, glass, or plastic. What you purchase depends on your personal preference and usage.


Plastic is an affordable option that most blenders are made of, so if you are shopping on a budget this may be a good choice. It comes in different sizes and speeds which change in terms of price. Plastic blenders are suitable for grinding and blending low to normal temperature mixtures.

Some may be specially equipped for hot temperatures. However if not, plastic blenders can be prone to cracking so if you are dealing with hot liquids all the time, plastic may not be the right choice. Some plastic blenders also discolor with time and retain odors.

Stainless steel

Known for its durability and strength, stainless steel is one of the more high-end options out there. Because of its heat resistance, it can handle all kinds of liquid and solid food at different temperatures. It is also easy to process harder food items without damaging the blender.

Stainless steel blenders will not crack even if put under pressure. They are easy to clean and do not absorb odors. You can also scrub stainless steel without damaging it. However, they do not give you a transparent view of the products inside which requires you to check the contents consistently.


Glass is another premier-quality material known for its no-reaction and high tolerance surface. It can manage items of different temperatures without cracking or leaking. Glass also does not absorb any odors or get discolored over time, making it long-lasting. Glass blenders are typically heavier than their stainless steel and plastic counterparts. It is also easiest to clean and maintain, though you should be careful not to break it when cleaning.

What types of blenders are on the market?

Here is a list of the different types of blenders for you to choose from.

Countertop blenders

These types of blenders come to mind when we think about the appliance. You can use them to make all kinds of shakes, sauces, and smoothies. A countertop blender comes with multiple speeds, so you can blend, chop, and mix food according to your recipe.

A countertop blender usually has a glass, plastic, or stainless steel jug with a leak-proof plastic lid. They have a capacity of between four to eight cups, but larger models are also available that can accommodate up to 15 cups. If you wish to use your blender for hot liquids, consider buying one with thermal control.

Most modern versions also come with pre-programmed functions, sensory setup, and special tools or attachments. Some versions include personal to-go cups to make drinks that can travel with you.

immersion blender

Immersion blenders are also called hand or stick blenders. Instead of putting your food in the jug, you can blend it directly from the cup of your choice. Immersion blenders are lightweight and compact. They are also lightweight and easy to store, making them easy to take from one place to the other.

Hand blenders also come with several speed options and attachments, so you can choose one based on the settings and blending needs. They might not be a good choice if you deal with substantial quantities of blendable food. Some versions also come with an attachable personal to-go cup to make drinks that can travel with you.

Blender FAQs

Q: Do all blenders come with a thermal coating?

A: No, not all blenders are resistant to heat and chemicals; therefore, it is essential to find a product that comes with this.

Q: How does a blender function?

A: When you press the button, the motor turns the blades to create a vortex to pull your food towards the blades.

Q: Do I need a separate blender to crush ice?

A: No, it is not necessary to crush ice in separate blenders, but if your blender has absorbed odor or colors, they might transfer to the ice.

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