The Best Box of Chocolates for 2022

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A box of chocolates for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you will find tons of options available in the market. Unfortunately, with such a wide variety available, it can become challenging to choose just one – but we’re here to help! Our team has compiled this guide to assist you, including a list of the most premium boxes of chocolates in 2022. A complete buyer’s guide follows the list, which provides all you need to know about purchasing a box of chocolate for the special people in your life.

top picks

Most Versatile Flavors: BONNIE AND POP Box of Chocolates

A chocolate gift basket

A chocolate gift basket

Our first choice is this box of chocolates by Bonnie and Pop because of the variety of flavors included and the beautiful packaging.

This option has more than a pound of 15 flavors ranging from assorted milk, dark and white chocolate. Each piece is packed separately in a plastic bag, making sharing convenient and ensuring that the chocolates remain fresh even after opening. The wrappers are labeled so that there is no confusion about the flavor. They come in a beautiful embellished tin box, which can be saved and reused later. You can also include a personalized message written on a gift card if you plan to get them delivered directly to your mom’s place. Despite the elegant packaging and the variety of flavors available, the price of this box is highly affordable. Your mother is going to love these mouthwatering chocolates!

Most unique flavors: Carian’s Bistro Elegant Chocolatier Specialty

Assorted chocolate w/ gold gift box

Assorted chocolate w/ gold gift box

The Carian’s box of chocolates is our second pick because of their rich flavor and special fillings.

One box contains 20 pieces of delicious Belgian truffles, with flavors ranging from hazelnut, coconut and ganache, and you can find them in milk, dark and white chocolate flavors as well. If your mother is a fan of Belgium chocolate, this tasty option is the one for her. The company uses innovative cooking techniques and sophisticated ingredients which provide a unique flavor. The chocolates come in a small golden box with a beautiful ribbon, adding a luxurious touch. This box is so elegant that you do not need any additional wrapping! There is also a red box option that includes different flavors, including coffee, almond, pistachio and raspberry. This box can either be given as an individual gift or can be part of a gift basket with other presents.

Best for Belgian chocolate lovers: Godivas Belgium Assorted Chocolates

Assorted chocolate from GODIVA

Assorted chocolate from GODIVA

Another one of our favorites is Godiva because of its delicious taste and packaging.

One box contains 27 chocolates, weighing about 10 ounces and including a variety of milk, white and dark chocolate. The company takes pride in the cocoa beans and only uses high-quality ingredients to ensure that they taste delicious. Belgian recipes aim to achieve a one-of-a-kind taste. The beautiful golden box with its red ribbon has no need for wrapping paper, plus it comes with a Goldmark card to write your special Mother’s Day message! This box of chocolates will undoubtedly make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It is important to note that these chocolates are not gluten-free.

Best for hazelnut lovers: Ferrero Rocher Collection

A chocolate collection from Ferrero Rocher

A chocolate collection from Ferrero Rocher

People of all ages love these popular chocolates because of their unique taste and texture. This particular box contains 12 pieces of the infamous assorted Ferrero chocolates.

Besides the classic Rocher, it includes Rafaello and Rondnoir, four chocolates of each flavor. The Rocher has a hazelnut cream filling in a wafer shell, covered with chocolate and roasted pieces. The Rafaellos have a creamy hazelnut filling the crunchy wafer is topped with coconut shavings. Finally, the Rondnoir has more of a dark chocolate filling with hazelnut in its gooey center. These chocolates come in a transparent gift box, which does not need any additional wrapping and can be given directly as a gift.

Most sophisticated flavor options: Lindt Creation Desserts

Assorted chocolate gift box

Assorted chocolate gift box

Last but not least, Lindt’s box of chocolates is another great choice. They have a unique taste and a variety of flavored assortments.

The flavors range from Millefeuille, creme brulee, brownie and eclair to chocolate fondant, tiramisu and meringue. The Lindt brand has been around for quite a while now, and they take pride in their expert craftsmanship which provides an exceptional gourmet taste that sets them apart from others. So if your mother is a picky eater, Lindt is a pretty safe option. The chocolates come in beautiful packaging, and one bag weighs 400 grams. No accessories like ribbons are part of the packaging, so you can get it gift-wrapped to make it look unique. You can choose from a box of 21 or 40, and with all the different flavor varieties, your whole family will love them.

Buyer’s guide for finding the highest-rated boxes of chocolates

This guide will help you choose a box of chocolates that you can give either individually or as an addition to a gift box to your mom or any maternal figure this Mother’s Day.

What are the different chocolate flavors available?

We cannot possibly list all the chocolate flavors available within a box of chocolates because there are so many. However, we can recommend a few flavors that are the safest options. Always choose one with variety, unless the person you are buying for has a specific preference. The traditional flavors include milk, dark and white chocolate, but not everyone likes all of these flavors.

More variety is suitable when buying a sharing pack for the entire family. If you are buying just for your mother, be sure to pick flavors that she enjoys most. Not everyone likes dark and white chocolate. They usually have an acquired taste, so the safest option is to get milk chocolate unless you’re sure your mother likes one flavor more than another.

What should you look for in the packaging?

The packaging of the boxes is one of the most important considerations because it will make the first impression. All the boxes of chocolates that we have reviewed above come in beautiful packaging that doesn’t need any extra wrapping. We recommend you look for a box of chocolates decorated with a few accessories like ribbons or gift cards for the extra touch of celebration and luxuriousness. However, we suggest you don’t go overboard with it; you should only use ribbons and added decorations if they look elegant.

Make sure that you do not choose a box of chocolates with too much red; these are better suited for Valentine’s Day gifts for your spouse. A gold gift box will be ideal for your mother as it will look extravagant and let her know how important she is to you. Also, pick a material that will stay intact during delivery and avoid delicate boxes that may crack easily. Tin boxes are a good option because they can act as a storage container later.

What other factors should you consider?

Besides the flavors and the packaging, you should keep a few things in mind when buying a box of chocolates. So let’s go over them!


Before purchasing a box of chocolates, make sure that you read thoroughly through the ingredients list. Check for any ingredients that your mother may be allergic to. Common food allergies include peanuts, gluten and egg. Also, check for Halal or Kosher tags if you require them. Finally, do not forget to read the number of calories on the box of chocolates if your mother is health-conscious.

Number of chocolates

The number of chocolates depends entirely on preference. For example, do you want enough to share or a personal box? A box of chocolates is usually family size, including 20-40 chocolates, but since most of them are one bite, the chocolates won’t last long if it contains less than 20. Also, If you plan to ship it to another city, you should consider the overall weight of the box.

How did our team select the top five?

Our team is determined to provide you with only the best options on the market. Therefore, we went through a thorough process to ensure that you can select the most delicious and elegant box of chocolates. Here are a few things we kept in mind.


Customers’ reviews are our favorite way of judging the quality of a product because they are by people who have bought and used the product. Therefore, we only included the boxes of chocolates that had very positive reviews from customers and steered clear of those with highly negative ones.


We want to ensure that you are not stuck with a brand that you are not satisfied with, so we handpicked the ones that provide good customer service. We also selected those that offer a warranty or guarantee on their products. Since chocolates are perishable goods, they require special care when shipping and traveling.


To estimate the value, we compared the prices of different brands, allowing us to avoid brands that seemed too pricey for the number of chocolates they were offering. Instead, we only included those brands which seemed to charge a fair price for a box of chocolates.

Box of chocolates FAQs

Q: What should I write on my gift card included in the box of chocolates?

A: If you are buying for Mother’s Day, you can write a special personalized message that will show your mother how much you mean to her. On the other hand, if you want to keep it simple, you can write a single line like “Lots of love” with your name at the bottom.

Q: Do chocolate boxes have an expiration date?

A: Like all other edibles, chocolates do have an expiry date. Therefore, you should always check the best-before date before purchasing and giving the box as a gift. Typically a box of chocolates has a shelf life of 18 months, but they are the best within three months of manufacturing.

Q: Does every piece need to be packaged separately?

A: While packing each piece in a separate plastic bag helps keep it fresh even after opening the box of chocolates, it is not very environmentally friendly. You can ensure that the chocolates remain fresh by closing the lid tightly and keeping the box airtight. The other alternative is to choose paper wrapping.

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