The Best Cheese Board Sets of 2022

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If your mother or wife often hosts gatherings or arranges holidays dinners, you might be familiar with her struggles in arranging the perfect dining table. Serving delicious treats on a gorgeous and well-assorted cheese board can pull together any table while making the experience more delicious and eye-catching.

When putting together charcuterie boards or appetizer trays, people tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what should go on the cheese board and how to arrange it to make it more presentable. However, the right board can instantly amp up the hosting experience and earn amazing compliments. Moreover, a thoughtfully chosen cheese board set can save anyone from the hassles of arranging a culinary experience for the last-minute get-together. If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, look no further than these detailed reviews of the finest cheese board sets of 2022. Let’s dig in!

top picks

Best overall: SMIRLY Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Beautiful meat and cheese tray

Beautiful meat and cheese tray

If your mother always aims to dazzle her guests at the dining table, she needs this cheese board set by SMIRLY.

The sleek style of this set makes it a great choice to serve a variety of delectables with elegance. This charcuterie board set is an all-inclusive product that’s sure to excite and please your mom.

It features a removable magnetic holder to accommodate four serving knives and other utensils without cluttering the dining space. The set comes with two high-quality ceramic serving bowls for a stunning presentation of dips and sauces. Additionally, the free guidebook helps with creative design suggestions to impress guests. Thanks to its thoughtfully crafted design and the highest-quality material, this cheese board set marks its place as the best option available.

Key features:

  • Packed in a decorative box

  • Earth-friendly and renewable material

  • Slide out tray with utensils

  • Comes with a matching fruit tray

Runner-up: Bambüsi Premium Cheese Board Set

Large wooden cheese board

Large wooden cheese board

Nothing makes a better gift than a cheese board set for a cheese connoisseur. Your mother might want a functional and practical board to serve cheese with other delectables.

The clear coating of mineral oil on this board is sure to impress her and her guests. The charcuterie board features a slide-out tray to tuck into the cutlery set will surely earn some stellar comments on her presentation skills.

Additionally, the grooves on the board hold appetizers and crackers in their respective place, making this a unique product. This is made of 100% natural and renewable bamboo that you will remember for years. The board is large and spacious enough to serve meat, fruits or vegetables along with plenty of cheese, too!

Key features:

  • Food safe and knife friendly

  • Durable and easy to clean

  • Comes with a carrying bag

  • Water and odor resistant

Deluxe choice: Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board Set

Serving tray for your wine and cheese night

Serving tray for your wine and cheese night

The next cheese board set makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift since it has a stylish and unique design to spruce up any event.

It has a non-absorbent, water-resistant and odor-free surface, so the crackers and appetizers won’t become soggy or leave their scent clinging to the board after use. The efficient and clutter-free design allows you to make the most out of your dining space without making it feel cluttered and cramped.

It also features a hidden tray to store cutlery and other serving accessories for an optimal hosting experience. The smooth, finished surface of the board is knife-friendly, food-safe and makes cleaning a breeze. If your mother currently follows or is inclined toward leading a more sustainable lifestyle, this 100% real wood tray is the ideal gift.

Key features:

  • Scar-resistant and odor-repellent surface

  • Slip-resistant pads to prevent sliding

  • Thick and sturdy bamboo board

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Spacious: ChefSofi Cheese Board Set

Acacia wood cheese board set

Acacia wood cheese board set

If you have ever been to a cheese shop, you may have a faint idea of ​​how the assortment of cheeses are presented.

Some may find setting up a cheese board somewhat laborious, but others enjoy it. If your mother belongs to the latter group, this wooden cheese board set will make a great gift. This feature-packed set comes with four ceramic bowls to serve an assortment of foods and sauces, and high-quality stainless steel knives to cut cheese precisely without ruining its shape.

The ergonomic design with sturdy wooden handles offers a comfortable and firm grip. The tray offers enough space for crackers, nuts, cheese, crude meat or other items to satisfy the guests. Your mother will admire the stylish and fancy design as well as the above-the-line build quality.

Key features:

  • Elegant, gift-ready packaging

  • More spacious at 13 inches wide

  • Decorative wood pattern

  • Easy to clean and store

Elegantly designed: Casafield Organic Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Crafted from organic moso bamboo

Crafted from organic moso bamboo

This high-quality and elegantly designed charcuterie board set includes a pure bamboo cheese board and four serving utensils.

If your mother is a new cheese connoisseur, you should get this as a gift for her this Mother’s Day. The bamboo charcuterie has a unique, beautiful look to add a flair to any dining or gathering room. The center serving space of this board is large with a deep outer rim, ensuring enough space to serve crackers, olives, cheese and meat.

The hidden drawer contains four stainless steel utensils to keep sharp knives out of the reach of kids. The serving utensils have matching handles to help your mother serve the delicacies with style.

Key features:

  • All natural, durable wood

  • Formaldehyde and BPA free

  • Boasts a large space of 8.5 x 8.5 inches

  • Non-porous surface

Buying guide: Cheese board sets

While preparing a checklist for Mother’s Day, don’t forget that the holiday is incomplete without a gift that suits your mother’s interests. A cheese board set is the ideal choice for someone who occasionally hosts parties and is a cheese or charcuterie aficionado. It is perfect for appetizer-loving visitors or cheese connoisseurs with delicate palates. It is necessary to have the right dish for presenting such excellent cuisine; Thus, you should prioritize buying a high-quality cheese board set for your mom.

What is a cheese board set?

Cheese board sets are flat pieces of wood, marble or slate that act as a platform for serving an assortment of cheeses, appetizers and finger foods. The boards are normally the size of a serving dish to contain as many cheeses as needed while still spacing out and identifying each variety. Certain cheese board sets also come with attachments for identification. Some boards come with a custom knife set specialized for cutting cheese along with a concealed compartment for safekeeping, making them the best self-serving table during an event. Cheese board sets are useful and adaptable, and some even serve as conversation starters.

Different styles of cheese board sets


The slab is the most widely recognized type of cheese board set. It is a pre-cut plank of wood, stone or other material that is effectively a blank slate on which one may arrange cheese any way they like. The most typical slab types are round or square, while uneven timber boards are also common. If you want a rustic yet contemporary cheese board set, these one-of-a-kind items are perfect.


Certain cheese board sets include handles to make moving and presenting them much easier. They have the same appearance as slabs but have grips, handles or elevated edges for better might grip and easy carrying. When it comes to attractiveness, they are hit or miss as some individuals think the handles to be really useful, whereas others believe they are unnecessary and unappealing to the eye.


Since cheese board sets usually need knives and other serving cutlery, many come with their own knives and forks as well as a dedicated area to store them. Every individual utensil has a pre-cut slit in the storage compartments designed to keep it securely in place while not in use.

Factors to consider when choosing a cheese board set

Cheese labeling

Certain cheese board sets, like slab style, are designed to be scribbled on with chalk. You just put the label of each cheese beside it, then wash away the chalk when cleaning up. Some board sets do not allow you to write directly on them, so you will have to make little signs out of paper and attach them to each type of cheese.


The material used to make the cheese board or tray determines its color and shade. Wooden boards come in a variety of colors, from pale bamboo to dark walnut. Because of the patterns in the material, marble cheese board sets exist in almost any tone and generally have a spectrum of two or three shades. Slate cheese board sets come in two basic colors: black and gray.


Certain cheese board sets come with a set of cutlery as a knife set is required for a real cheese board sensation. Because purchasing the knives separately can cost as much as another cheese board set, these board-and-knife combos offer the best return on investment.

However, the quality of the sets may vary. Certain knives are made entirely of stainless steel, while others, particularly those made of wood or marble, include handles and embellishments that complement the material of the cheese board set. Usually, the higher the price tag on a cheese board set, the higher the quality and efficiency of it and its utensils.

Materials used in cheese board sets

You might select a cheese board set depending on the type of material. Wood, marble, slate and synthetic wood mixes are the most common materials you will find for a cheeseboard. Wood is unquestionably the most renowned and classic material, with marble coming in second.

In terms of durability and longevity, you may prefer stainless steel, high-quality metal or wood parts that complement each other. Be sure to check the material of the cheese board as well as the cutlery set; some manufacturers use quality material for a cheese board, while the cutlery set or other accessories are of sub-par quality.



On the cheaper side, you will usually find slab-style cheese board sets with cutlery for $15 to $25.

mid range

Styles with finer features and higher-quality materials are available on the market for $25 to $40. These sets are the most common and offer great value for their price. However, you should check customer reviews and product descriptions to rest assured that you are investing in a high-quality product.


Prestigious brands of kitchenware and serving plates sell cheese board sets at a higher price. You should expect to pay $40 to $90, or even more, for high-end cheese board options. Since you are purchasing one as a gift for your mother, buying something that looks luxurious and elegant is a good decision. If you are on a budget, you can stick to the lowest side of this range to still get a very durable and stylish set.

Cheese board set FAQs

Q: What can I serve on a cheese board set?

A: Along with cheese, you can serve sliced ​​meats, steak, fruits, vegetables, crackers, nuts, jams and other appetizers on a cheese board set.

Q: Is it safe to use knives on my cheese board set?

A: You shouldn’t use normal knives on a cheese board, as they can cause chipping. Always use cheese knives to protect the surface from cuts and chips.

Q: Which type of cheese board set should I buy for my mother?

A: When purchasing a cheese board set as a Mother’s Day gift, you should consider your mother’s style and choose a cheese board set according to her tastes and preferred use.

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