The Best Collage Photo Frame for 2022

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Are you the type who’s always looking to gift something special on Mother’s Day? If so, you’re sure to like the idea of ​​collage photo frames, which let you display a collection of photos all together. What sort of collage would make your mother the happiest? Start thinking now! While you do that, we’ll cut down your work by introducing you to 2022’s top collage photo frames.

top picks

Stylish and customizable: Melannco Customizable Letterboard Collage

Here’s where you can get creative and write inspirational quotes.

Here’s where you can get creative and write inspirational quotes.

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Our first pick can hold up to eight photos of your choice. Designed with a classic rectangular shape, this collage photo frame is the ideal decoration to hang on your walls.

With this package, you receive four 6×4 inch, two 4×6 and two 4×4 inch photo frames, allowing you to comfortably display your desired pictures. On top of that, this set of frames features sawtooth hangers at the back, conveniently letting you hang the frame wherever you want.

Don’t take this as an average collage photo frame, though, because this product has a special letterboard area for you to write whatever you want. Here’s where you can get creative and write inspirational quotes — or something else that connects your loved ones— for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. To help kickstart your creativity, you’ll receive 12 symbols, 110 letters and 22 numbers.

Key features:

  • Holds 6×4, 4×6, and 4×4 inch photos

  • Special letterboard area for writing

  • Comes with symbols, letters and numbers

Chic, modern wall decor: Umbra Luna Picture Frame Collage

The perfect way to test your creativity.

The perfect way to test your creativity.

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If you’re looking for something to blow your mom away, take a look at our next collage photo frame.

Here, Umbra brings you a round photo frame with a modern feel, unique style and stunning black color. The Luna will allow you to create a custom collage of a whopping nine photos that each measure 4×6 inches. The perfect way to test your creativity while creating a meaningful collage for mom to enjoy this Mother’s Day and long afterwards.

With a simple, yet elegant design, this collage photo frame allows you to conveniently swap photos when you want to try out something new. And, using its pre-mounted sawtooth hangers, setting it up will be a breeze.

Key features:

Amazing matte style: Malden Collage Picture Frame

A collage photo frame features four premium glass panes to keep your pictures safe and sound.

A collage photo frame features four premium glass panes to keep your pictures safe and sound.

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Here, we’ve chosen a collage photo frame with a contemporary touch.

What’s special about Malden’s frame is that, because of its premium plastic build, this product feels heavy-duty yet lightweight at the same time. With a modern, sleek design and rectangular shape, this collage photo frame features four premium glass panes to keep your pictures safe and sound while making your wall look heavenly.

With the addition of this pick, your mom can celebrate her family’s love or relive cherished memories. Conveniently able to hold two 4×6 horizontal and two 4×6 vertical photos, rest assured, this collage photo frame is sure to make Mother’s Day extra special.

Key features:

  • Captivating black matte color

  • Holds horizontal and vertical 4×6 inch photos

  • Designed with four glass panes

Most spacious choice: Gallery Solutions Photo Collage

Put your best memories here.

Put your best memories here.

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Up next, we have this lovely black, rectangular collage photo frame from Gallery Solutions.

It features a removable mat where you can place 4×6 inch images, allowing you to include up to 21 pictures of your friends, family and loved ones. No need to leave anyone out from the Mother’s Day collage when you pick out this frame!

Even more, this collage photo frame features a convenient back opening with a flex tab, through which you can quickly swap art or pictures without hassle. The frame itself is very light and features protective plexiglass that’s sure to make your images look astounding along with durable hangers at the back that let you hang it either horizontally or vertically.

Key features:

Unique hanging design: Emfogo Photo Display Frame

Get ready for your home to radiate with nostalgic charm.

Get ready for your home to radiate with nostalgic charm.

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If you want a one-of-a-kind design for your living room, this pick is the perfect choice.

With a unique, creative hanging design, this collage photo frame allows you to display life’s most precious memories in style. Simply clamp your photos onto the line with the included wooden clips and get ready for your home to radiate with nostalgic charm!

If that’s not enough, assembly is quite simple as well. After placing a screw or hook, simply place the picture frames on the wall and you’re good to go. With an eye-catching, adaptable design, this collage photo frame is a lovely addition to nearly any space, making it a great gift to give when Mother’s Day rolls around!

Key features:

  • Creative hanging DIY style design

  • Comes with wooden clips for hanging

  • Accommodates many photos of varying size

Buyer’s guide: Searching for the right collage photo frames

Pictures are a great way to showcase the love between your family and other loved ones. And there’s nothing better than a collage of attractive pictures on the wall, which can easily bring you back to those memories in no time. However, if the product you purchase is low-quality or if it doesn’t display your pictures in a flattering way, then it can completely defeat the purpose of buying a collage photo frame in the first place.

But, don’t fret, we won’t let that happen to you. When it comes to family and things that hold even the smallest amount of sentimental value, you just can’t take risks. That’s why we carefully crafted this buying guide. With its help, you’ll be able to pick the right Mother’s Day collage photo frame out of the thousands out there and show mom just how much you care.

Important details to pay attention to

When it comes to choosing a first-rate collage photo frame, there’s only so much you can worry about. So instead of being confusing with technical jargon and making the whole browsing and buying process a pain, for your sake, we’ll keep it simple. As far as we’re concerned, choosing a photo frame is not really all that troublesome if you know what to look out for.

Check out your home’s interior

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you probably have an interior design that showcases your home’s atmosphere and aesthetic. Before choosing the collage photo frame’s design, you’ll have to assess your own interior decor with a sharp eye. Some designs fit well with all types of interior settings, but if you are looking to make your pictures stand out, then you’re going to need to consider what looks best in your space.

Thankfully, when it comes to designs, you have a lot of variety and many different options to choose from. For instance, if your house has modern interior decoration, then you can go for a subtle white or a black collage photo frame. Remember to choose a wall that has enough space to hold all of your memorable pictures in place.

If your interior decoration is a bit more traditional, then you can’t go wrong by choosing the rustic flair of a wooden frame. When placed in the right spot, wooden collage photo frames look great and can really change up the feeling of any room.


Whether you like it or not, the collage photo frame market is flooded with many different types of designs. You can make do with a simple collage frame and you might find one without spending a lot of money, but is it worth the purchase? That’s the million dollar question. Many of these designs hold little to no aesthetic value and they look simple and plain in the background. Even worse, they won’t even make your pictures stand out from your other decorations, which sort of defeats the purpose.

On the contrary, an aesthetically pleasing frame will easily magnify your home’s beauty and elegance in one swift move. Not only will it beautifully showcase your favorite pictures and photos, but it will also enhance the look of your home’s decor. These days, people place a lot of value on aesthetically pleasing photo frames, whether they’re simple, collage-style or another design, but there’s also no reason why you should empty your bank account while you look for one. Something unique, well-designed or just plain stylish will do just fine.

Materials and durability

Somehow, the durability and material of a collage photo frame is one factor that people let themselves forget about. Why? Well, as it is with many pieces of decor out there, people fall for products that look attractive. However, since these items have poor construction, they unfortunately don’t last for a long time. Because their flimsy design and build are due to the materials that are used to make them, going for the right, high-quality materials is essential.

Generally, you can find three kinds of frames: metal, wooden and plastic. Typically, plastic is flimsy and it often looks cheap; however, it does cost a bit less when compared to the other options.

Metal frames are heavy duty and can last for quite a while, but they might be a little bulky. They’re ideal for someone who values ​​durability and longevity above all, though metal collage photo frames can be very fashionable as well.

Wooden frames are quite trendy these days, to be honest. Rustic, modern and contemporary designs all feature a natural, more rustic aesthetic appeal to them that can match well with a wide variety of different homes. A great choice for anyone who is looking for a piece of decor as well as a way to display their photos.


Last but certainly not least, it’s important to keep the collage photo frame’s size in mind. Very often, the pictures that you’ve decided to put in the collage might not fit well with the frame you bought. So it is important to make sure what the size of the frame is first, then print the image afterwards. This way, you will never have to cut or prune the images or swap them to match the photo stand.

Another important consideration is the amount of space the collage photo frame will take up on your wall. It’s always a shame when you order a new frame or piece of decor and open it up just to find that there’s no room on your wall. Before purchasing, make sure the dimensions of your wall allow for the new photo from you’ve chosen.

People also ask

What is the most common size for pictures on a collage frame?

Generally, the most common size a college photo frame will accommodate is 8×10 inches, which is a convenient enough size to show at least a few people in the photo.

What is the most popular collage photo frame design?

In general, people usually go for a matte black design for their frames. They easily compliment a variety of different homes’ aesthetics while effortlessly emphasizing the pictures you’ve chosen to display.

What should I do if I have a small space?

If your wall has little space, then consider going for small or medium-sized photo frames. You don’t want to make your wall look overcrowded, so we’d recommend avoiding larger varieties. Our biggest tip: instead of choosing a collage photo frame solely based on its size, focus on choosing a unique design that will compliment your home’s decor.

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