The best curtains for 2022

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blackout curtain for bedroom

Curtains are a great way of maintaining privacy and transforming a living space. Check out our guide to the top curtains in 2022 today! Curtains provide privacy to a home and can also help with bringing a space’s overall decor to life. Some curtains can also help you see a television or computer screen better and work to create ambiance by blocking out light. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, you may want to purchase curtains for negating ambient noise and any unwanted breezes.

Finding curtains that can achieve all these goals, while matching your home decor, might seem daunting. But don’t worry, because just like a good pair of curtains, we’ve got you covered. Later in this article, we will talk about some of the things you should consider for ensuring you find the perfect curtains – as well as how to measure and choose ideally sized panels for your windows.

First, we’ll dive into our list of the top curtains in 2022. We hope you love our selection as much as we do.

top picks

Best overall: NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

a thermal insulated grommet blackout curtains

a thermal insulated grommet blackout curtains

These polyester products are great quality and easy to care for as they are washing machine safe.

This product does not need a liner and can still effectively block out large amounts of light, thanks to its thick construction. This option is also noise-reducing and offers a soft feel and thick material.

This option is available in many colors, including colors suiting both warm and cool color schemes. Each item has six chrome grommets measuring 42 x 63 inches. This company also sells a variety of curtain rods you might want to check out.

Without a doubt, this is our overall favorite set of curtains.

Key features:

  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Thick material blocks noise and light

  • Machine wash and dryer safe

Great for blocking light: BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

a set of 2 panels blackout curtain

a set of 2 panels blackout curtain

These high-quality products are available in various colors, matching many home decors. We love the burgundy, mustard yellow and teal options.

These curtains will block out a lot of light and sound while also offering some thermal insulation, keeping you warm during colder months.

These curtains measure 42 x 63 inches and have six silver grommets, spreading each curtain evenly across the curtain pole. Their triple weave design ensures a high-quality product capable of standing with a washing machine and being dried on a tumble setting.

Key features:

  • Blocks out a lot of light and sound

  • A large variety of colors to choose from

  • Durable and easy to clean

Great variety: Deconovo Window Curtains

84 inches long window blackout curtains

84 inches long window blackout curtains

These products are available in a large selection of sizes and colors and are perfect for anyone who appreciates a little sparkle in their home decor.

The foil printed design is subtle and will perfectly complement many modern decor styles.

This option also comes with matching colored tiebacks. In addition, there are six durable silver grommets on each curtain. This product is an excellent choice for anyone wanting complete privacy and a blackout effect.

These curtains are also thermal-insulated, saving you money on heating bills. If you live next to a busy road or have noisy neighbors, these curtains are a great option as they can effectively block out noise.

Key features:

Best Grommets: HLC.ME 2 Piece Semi Sheer Voile Window Curtain

a semi sheer voile light filtering window curtain

a semi sheer voile light filtering window curtain

This product is available in various colors suiting many styles of home decor. These options are sheer, letting a lot of light into a room while still offering some privacy from the outside world.

They are particularly well suited for conservatories and summer houses.

These products are safe to wash in a washing machine, dry on tumble, and for ironing. They have durable stainless grommets that are evenly spaced for fully covering a curtain pole. This option comes in several sizes, so you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your needs.

Key features:

  • Available in different colors and sizes

  • Durable stainless steel grommets

  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe

Elite Design: H.VERSAILTEX Window Treatments Linen Curtain Panels

a linen blackout curtain panels

a linen blackout curtain panels

These linen products allow a controlled amount of light to pass through while still offering privacy. The linen material suits homes with a beach house decor in a minimalist style.

This product is available in various subdued colors and will not overpower a room.

Each panel has eight grommets made from nickel. A larger amount of grommets allows you to pull curtains open more neatly and compactly. These items feel soft to touch and give off bright and airy vibes. They are suited for washing in a washing machine, tumble drying, and ironing.

Key features:

  • Lovely neutral color selection

  • Allows light through while offering privacy

  • A generous number of grommets

A buying guide to the ultimate curtains

We hope you enjoyed browsing our list of premiere products. However, we understand you may want to do some independent research before purchasing your own. To help you, we will discuss a few things you should consider before buying, ensuring you get the best possible product for your needs. Continue reading for more information.

Size of the curtains

Measuring your windows correctly is essential before purchasing a pair of curtains. Some people prefer ordering products longer than they need, offering a flowing look. However, many people do not like curtains being wider than their curtain rods because when fully closed, they will wrinkly slightly and not lie flat.

To measure a window correctly, measure from the ground up to the top of the window frame. Round the measurement up to the nearest inch. If you have a window measuring an exact number, for example 9 inches, round up to 10 inches.

When measuring the width of the window, you want to measure from the outside of the frame to the exterior of the frame on the other side. Then add 4-6 inches on each side. This is how long your curtain rails or rods should be.

One or two panels?

Most people prefer to order two panels no matter how wide their window is. However, if the window is particularly narrow, this may look a little odd. We recommend purchasing one panel for any width under 40 inches (measured in the way described above). Purchase two panels for any window that is wider than 40 inches.

attachment type

There are several attachment types you can look for with these items. The attachment types you choose depend on your stylistic preferences and functional needs. Some are also easier to hang without removing the whole curtain rail.


Grommets are metal hoops sewn into a curtain panel. Look for grommets that can withstand a lot of friction from being pulled back and forth across the pole. We recommend opting for durable metal grommets, especially stainless steel.

The number of grommets we recommend depends on the width of the given product and the look you’re hoping to achieve. The more grommets a panel has, the more folds you will see when the items are opened. This offers a more compact look and more grommets will often allow the curtains to open more widely.

tab tops

Tab tops are looped pieces of material that attach over a pole. Some require you to remove a curtain pole, and others can be individually undone and fasted with buttons. The number of tabs will affect how a product looks when opened, in the same way grommets affect an opened curtain’s appearance.

Back tabs

Back tabs are made to appear as if the product has no tabs. This is because the space for the pole to go through is hidden around the back of the item and not visible from the front. Some people may prefer this neater look.

Light blocking capabilities

Consider how well the fabric blocks light. Some people prefer products allowing plenty of light into a room while still preventing people from seeing inside. If this is your preference, look for light-reflecting sheer materials. If you want something with light-blocking capabilities, look for a lined thick fabric. Many products are advertised as light blocking, but the only way to verify this is to read customer reviews.

Sound blocking capabilities

Similarly, you may want a product with sound blocking capabilities. For example, thick-lined products naturally block some sounds out. Read customer reviews to get a more definitive idea of ​​whether a product has good sound blocking capabilities.

Thermal insulated

Thicker options will offer some protection from drafty windows. Some have an extra thermal lining, placed especially for this purpose. We hate to repeat ourselves, but once again, checking the customer reviews is the only way to tell if a product will offer reliable thermal insulation.

Color and design

The great thing about these products is you can choose a few different colors and dramatically change the appearance of your living or bedroom. For example, if your home is painted neutral colors, you can select any color to match with cushions and throws. Similarly, you only need one painting or decor product in a room and a matching color to make it all fit together.

You may want to purchase these products in one block color, or you could opt for a patterned design. Popular patterns include tartan, paisley, leaves and flowers. If you want a particular colour, print or theme, you should be able to find it after a quick search online.

Materials and textures

Different materials work to create different textures, making your curtains appear more luxurious or more minimalist. Velvet curtains have a beautiful, flowing texture but might be too much for some people’s tastes.

Polyester is an excellent material that can be treated in several ways, creating different looks. You may want products with a satiny sheen, a mild sheen or a matte finish. Polyester can pull all these looks off. Or, if you would prefer something light, airy and minimalist, consider purchasing linen-based items.

Matching tie backs

Come options come with matching tiebacks. Most tiebacks require attaching with two small hooks on a wall. When tied back, they create a beautiful shape, allowing curtains to open as much as possible.


Many of these products are hand wash or dry clean only. Dry cleaning can be expensive, and handwashing something as large as these products can be tedious. Look for an option that is machine wash and tumble dry safe.

People also asked

Q: How far should I open my curtains?

A: From an aesthetic point of view, these products should not rest inward of the frame more than ⅙ on each side, meaning that when open, they should take up no more than ⅓ of the whole window in total. However, there is nothing wrong with disregarding this rule if you prefer the product taking up more or less space; it’s your home, after all.

Q: What is the most popular color for curtains?

A: White is the most popular color used in the US. This may be because white goes with a variety of decor and doesn’t need to be changed often. If you have a household with many white towels and bedding, purchasing these products in white makes sense so that they can be easily washed in the same load.

Q: What curtains are in fashion?

A: We’ve seen a lot of people opting for various shades of gray. Gray works well with white, silver, teal, purple, pink and black. It is a modern and often minimalist color choice. Polyester curtains with a slight sheen remain as popular as ever.

We have also seen geometric shapes coming into the spotlight. The shapes are not usually bright and colorful but more often used for blending by using the same color as the background, in different shades.

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