The Best Initial Necklaces for 2022

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initial necklace for a unique gift

Initial necklaces are a very personalized and special gift, making them a perfect way of expressing to someone how much they mean to you. With Mother’s Day approaching, everyone is on the lookout for a unique gift option that will be cherished by their mom. An initialized necklace can be a very thoughtful piece of jewelry, showing appreciation as well and individualized care. And getting a special gift does not have to be expensive. In this guide, our team has shortlisted the premium initial necklaces, fitting any budget. There is a wide variety of designs and colors available on the market, ensuring you can find one that both demonstrates your love and appeals to mom.

The most common and popular choice for initialized jewelry are gold-plated products. This is because they won’t tarnish easily and are a much less expensive option than solid gold. You can also consider silver options if you don’t have a tightly restricted budget. This guide is specifically designed for helping individuals with varying budgets make a well-informed decision. So let’s dive into the top initialized necklaces of 2022.

top picks

Minimalist Design: Fettero Tiny Initial Necklace

Initial heart necklace

Initial heart necklace

The Fettero Initial Heart Necklace is our first pick due to its functional and minimalist design. This heart-shaped pendant is small with initials coming engraved on it.

The chain is also very thin and it comes with an adjustment clasp, allowing for convenient closing. This necklace is plated in 14K gold, making it durable and preserving its color. The simple design makes it wearable on a regular basis. A soft jewelry polish should be applied from time to time, preventing tarnishing. The company recommends avoiding contact with sea water, perfumes and other cosmetics. They also recommend not wearing it in the shower or if sweating profusely. You can choose from two different designs and any letters of the alphabet. This necklace comes in a small gift box, making it perfect for giving your mom as a present.


  • Extendable chain

  • Customisable, ideal for gift giving

  • Capable of withstanding regular use

Layered Design: M MOOHAM Layered Initial Necklace

Layered initial necklaces

Layered initial necklaces

Our second pick is this layered initial necklace by M Mooham, which is another excellent choice for your mother.

It is made with high-quality brass and comes plated in 14K gold, offering the perfect finish. It is free from harmful materials like lead and nickel, making it very skin-friendly. The longest chain measures 18 inches, while the shorter one measures 14 inches. There is also a two inch extension, allowing your mother to adjust chain length according to her preferences. The pendant has a unique, hexagonal shape with a beautiful bordered design and prominent engraving. One of the chains has a classic, thin look, while the other offers a distinctive paperclip design. You can alternate between the two chains or you can wear both together for a layered look. Both chains and the pendant come in a beautiful gift box, making it the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Key features:

  • Hypoallergenic material

  • Extendable chain

Best for Both Genders: Trendsmax Initial Necklace

Yellow gold plated initial necklace

Yellow gold plated initial necklace

The Trendsmax Initial Necklace is another one of our favorites due to its luxurious feel and the unique design of the pendant and chain.

The pendant is made from environmentally friendly copper and is gold plated. It is free from harmful materials like nickel, making it skin-friendly. The chain is made of stainless steel and in the design of a box link. If your mother prefers jewelry that is unique and not very thin or minimalist, this option will be perfect for her. It is available in silver as well. What makes this product special is it can also be worn by men. If your father wears jewelry, you can get a matching set. This is a high luster piece that will not turn your skin green like other less expensive options.


  • Unisex design

  • Suitable for daily wear

Great for everyday wear: Yoosteel Gold Plated Initial Necklace

Personalized coin initial necklace

Personalized coin initial necklace

The Yoosteel Initial Necklace is another layered, gold-plated option. It has a protective and shiny finish, making it ideal for regular wear without worrying about the color fading.

The material is free from chemicals like nickel and lead and is hypoallergenic, making it gentle on your skin. Each chain has a different design and separate clasps, allowing you to wear them separately. The paper clip design on both chains is unique and more durable than regular chains. The circular pendant has an elegant design with a beautiful border and the 2 inch extension allows you to adjust the length. The company ensures 100% satisfaction, so you can purchase from them with confidence. This necklace is also beautifully packaged, making it ideal for giving to your mom or grandma this Mother’s Day.


  • Refund warranty included

  • Adjustable, fitting most women and girls

  • 60 day no risk return policy

Best Closure: PAVOI Initial Necklace

Rose gold plated initial necklace

Rose gold plated initial necklace

Last but not least, the PAVOI Initial Necklace is a 14K rose gold plated necklace. This product is ideal if you are looking for options other than gold or silver.

The pendant’s diameter measures three-eighths of an inch, and the chain is 18 inches long with a 2-inch extension for adjusting the length. The finish and components are free from materials like lead and nickel, making the necklace skin-friendly. Also, the lobster clasp is easy and convenient to close. As long as you keep it away from water and substances like perfumes and lotions and cosmetics, it won’t tarnish. The circular pendant and thin chain offers a very minimalist look, ideal for wearing on a regular basis. This also makes it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.


A buying guide to the ultimate initial necklaces

Initial necklaces are one of the most personalized gifts you can give to your mom on Mother’s Day. This guide will provide all the information you need to purchase the right item for her with confidence.

Initial necklace materials

When it comes to personalized jewelry like initialized pendants, the material should be your top consideration. Of course, the premiere options are pure gold and silver, but these are not always affordable. For this reason, a lot of manufacturers make artificial jewelry, targeting all budgets. When buying artificial jewelry, you need to keep several considerations in mind. Since there is a wide variety available in the market, the quality and durability differs from brand to brand.

The safest material, when it comes to initial necklaces, is gold-plated jewelry. The pendant and the chain itself can be made from different materials, but they should both be plated in gold. This not only provides a beautiful finish, it also keeps color intact even with regular wear. Some manufacturers prefer brass, while others use materials including copper and stainless steel. And all of these are durable materials, meaning that a necklace will remain intact even when worn on a daily basis. Gold plating is the crucial element protecting and maintaining color.

Also, make sure that the necklace is free from harmful materials like lead and nickel. These are dangerous for skin and can cause allergic reactions. When you are buying jewelry for your mother, you want to make sure she is comfortable wearing it. Therefore, you should buy necklaces that are skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and do not leave behind any staining when worn for long periods of time.

How to choose the right design for the chain?

Even though a pendant is an integral part of any initial necklace, the chain is also equally important. Other than the material used, the item’s durability, adjustability and ease of closure are all important considerations. While thin, minimalist chains are elegant, they are not always built especially strong. Even a slight pull can cause them to break. If you are looking for more durable options, consider a paperclip design or a box link chain, these are connected together more strongly and capable of withstanding regular use and wear and tear.

Make sure that the chain provides at least some form of adjustable length. Most chains come with a 2 inch extender, allowing you to increase or decrease its length according to your preferences. Also, the closure should be easy enough so your mother can hook it by herself. A lobster closure is usually the most convenient design.

How to take care of initial necklaces?

Just like any piece of jewelry, these products require care and maintenance, helping them last longer. We are discussing gold-plated jewelry, specifically, because of their inclusion in this guide. Gold-plated necklaces can be worn on a regular basis without losing color, provided you follow a few steps. Our first suggestion is to keep products away from perfumes, cosmetics, ocean or sea water and any lotions or creams. You can get these items wet, but avoid submerging or soaking them in water for prolonged periods. Showering or swimming while wearing them is not recommended. Chlorines in pools can cause jewelry to tarnish. Also, avoid wearing items to the gym as profuse sweating can damage the finish.

If you wear your necklace occasionally, you should make sure that you wipe it down after every use. This helps remove any oil, sweat or dirt. Before touching the necklace, make sure your hands are clean and free of lotion. Always store items in the box that came with the product. Avoid putting jewelry in a purse with other items to prevent chains becoming tangled and damage to the pendant.

Our selection process

Our team reviewed several brands in order to compile a list of the top products on the market. We kept Mother’s Day in mind, shortlisting those items we thought would make the perfect gift and demonstrate appreciation for mothers. We examined customer reviews in order to gauge the quality and durability of the jewelry – and gave preference to brands providing good customer service and some form of warranty, return or refund policy. Also, a comparison of the prices and specifications of different brands allowed us to eliminate those seeming inordinately expensive for their relative quality and design.

People also asked

Q: What is a good length for an initial necklace?

A: The exact length depends on the dimensions of a neck and how long the user prefers the chain to be. Generally, a 14-18 inch long chain is ideal, as long as 2 or 3 inches of adjustment is provided.

Q: Does a gold plated initial necklace tarnish?

A: Any piece of jewelry that is gold plated will eventually tarnish with time. The color of a good quality necklace will last longer than poorer quality ones, so make sure you choose carefully.

Q: How many necklaces can I layer?

A: You can layer about two to five necklaces provided you style them properly. Just make sure they are of different lengths and the colors compliment each other.

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