The Best Iphone 13 pro cases for 2022

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Best iPhone 13 Pro case

When you purchase a phone as expensive as the iPhone 13 Pro, the last thing you want is for it to become damaged or cracked. In order to protect it, you should invest in a reliable screen protector and durable phone case. This is especially important since this iPhone model has a glass backside which can easily shatter if dropped. While your main goal is to keep your phone safe from scratches and cracks, you also want it to look good and reflect your personal style. If you like the elegant look of the iPhone 13 Pro and wish you could leave it uncovered, there are also minimalist cases that allow the phone’s design to shine through while still protected.

The original Apple cases are a good option, especially if you prefer cases in solid colors, but we recommend shopping for third-party cases as well. You can easily find high-quality cases while prioritizing the factors most important to you, such as unique features and functions, affordability, material and style. To help you pick from the wide range of options available on the market, this buying guide reviews the top iPhone 13 Pro cases of 2022.

top picks

Sleek: CASEKOO Clear iPhone 13 Pro Case

A clear iPhone 13 phone case from CASEKOO

A clear iPhone 13 phone case from CASEKOO

If you want to protect your phone while still displaying its original design, a transparent case is your best option.

The CASEKOO iPhone 13 Pro case is our first pick because it is shockproof and has an anti-oxidation coating so it won’t turn yellow over time. Available in six different trim color options, the case is made from Bayer’s ultra-clear thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate and has a non-slip grip.

The flex-impact cushion technology helps disperse severe shocks evenly to prevent the phone screen or back from shattering, while the bumpers around the edge provide added protection. Raised bezels keep the camera safe from cracks and scratches. The case fits snugly around the phone, preventing any dust or other particles from entering. Between its durability and anti-fingerprint coating, this case will last you a long time and keep your phone pristine. It also supports wireless charging.

Screen protector included: TAURI Defender iPhone 13 Pro Case

A defender iPhone 13 Pro case from TAURI

A defender iPhone 13 Pro case from TAURI

This iPhone 13 Pro case is another durable and anti-yellowing clear case. The edges are colored and you can choose from eight different options, including the classic crystal clear case.

It provides significant protection without making your phone feel bulky. The material and design are scratch-resistant and impact absorbent, which means that it will disperse severe shocks to prevent shattering or cracking.

For complete protection, two screen protectors and two camera lens covers are also included. The screen protectors are made using 9H high-quality tempered glass which is anti-fingerprint and dirt-proof. The touch screen is still sensitive through the protector so you will not even notice it on the screen. The camera lens cover is also transparent, so it ensures protection without affecting the picture quality. A magnetic ring is also included with this product, which supports MagSafe wireless charging.

Soft silicone: Cordking Silicone iPhone 13 Pro Case

A silicone iPhone 13 pro case from Cordking

A silicone iPhone 13 pro case from Cordking

If you are looking for a colorful silicone case, this product is a great option. It has 1.2mm raised bumpers to keep your screen and camera safe from scratches and impact.

The inside of the case is lined with soft microfiber material which will keep the back of your phone secure and scratch-free. The silicone material provides a sleek feel, but is not slippery at all.

The case will fit snugly on your phone and all the cutouts are precisely designed, providing easy access to every port. It will not make your phone bulky and the screen and buttons can be used with ease. Available in over 20 colors, the options are endless, including both light, dark and pastel choices. This case supports wireless charging and has an anti-fingerprint coating, so it is convenient to use and very easy to clean. Cordking also offers a lifetime replacement warranty, so you can purchase from them with confidence.

Drop protection: TORRAS Shockproof iPhone 13 Pro Case

Shockproof iPhone 13 Pro case from TORRAS

Shockproof iPhone 13 Pro case from TORRAS

With its minimalist design, the TORRAS shockproof iPhone 13 Pro case is another one of our favorites due to its military-grade protection and slim profile.

This case is engineered with MIL-STD-810H protection and is made from tough polycarbonate. The corners are also equipped with anti-collision technology which will protect from both face up and face down falls. Together, these features keep your phone through even the most severe drops.

Available in five colors, this option boasts a very slim profile with precise cutouts, which keep dust and debris out. This case provides a very ergonomic and non-slippery grip. The nano oleophobic coating makes it skin-friendly and prevents scratches and fingerprint marks. The case also supports wireless charging.

Best bumper: Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13 Pro Case

Ultra hybrid iPhone 13 Pro case

Ultra hybrid iPhone 13 Pro case

Last but not least, this option is another case with a crystal clear back and colored trim.

It utilizes hybrid technology as the back is made from durable polycarbonate, and the edges are made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The edges are raised to keep your screen and camera protected from scratches and cracks. The pronounced buttons are easy to press without causing discomfort. The cutouts are large and precise, allowing all cables to fit the ports easily.

There are eight color options available, as well as a fully transparent case for those who prefer the natural look of the iPhone 13 Pro. This case supports wireless charging while ensuring a very tight and snug fit, preventing any dust from entering. The back does attract fingerprints and there is no anti-yellowing coating, but the case is easy to clean and rather durable overall.

Buyer’s guide for finding an iPhone 13 Pro case

This section will provide all the information you need to select the right iPhone 13 Pro case for your needs.

Reasons you should use a high-quality case

The iPhone 13 Pro is a very popular phone, but you will rarely see anyone using it without a case. This is because it has a gorilla glass front and back, so the phone is prone to scratches and cracking if not protected properly. Also, the rear camera is raised higher than the regular iPhone 13 models. This means that it is more susceptible to damage and that an iPhone 13 case will not be compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro, unlike previous iPhone series. The edges are made of stainless steel and are also prone to scratches with rough handling.

To increase the life of your iPhone 13 Pro, you can invest in a good quality and durable case. Along with the case, other forms of protection include screen protectors and camera lens covers.

Ideal material

iPhone 13 Pro cases come in several different materials. While choosing one you should keep a few considerations in mind, such as the drop protection and color options. Below, we explored the features of the most common case materials.

Polycarbonate plastic

Polycarbonate iPhone 13 Pro cases are usually transparent cases that provide a moderate level of protection. These are ideal if you want to display the original look of your iPhone. For optimal protection, the edges and bezels should be raised so that the camera and screen do not experience direct impact if the phone is dropped.

A common issue with transparent cases is that they turn yellow over time. However, many polycarbonate cases include protective coating to prevent discoloration. Some polycarbonate cases also come with thermoplastic polyurethane edges, which come in various colors and can provide a unique look.


The other most common material choice for iPhone cases is silicone. This is a popular choice due to the abundant color options available and the non-slippery grip. Silicone cases are gentle on the back of the phone as well because they are typically lined with microfiber, which keeps the back safe from scratches. These cases also allow you to comfortably press the buttons, which can sometimes be troublesome with plastic cases. Another advantage of silicone cases is that they are easy to clean; a wet wipe is usually enough to get rid of fingerprint marks and minor stains.

MagSafe compatible cases

Whether or not you purchase a MagSafe compatible case mostly depends on whether you use Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging. Almost all iPhone 13 Pro cases are MagSafe compatible as wireless charging has become more common in recent years. However, while most cases do support wireless charging, not all of them are very effective or convenient to use. Some have magnetic properties that are weak and can disconnect randomly.

If you regularly use MagSafe charging, you should invest in a case that does not require a lot of effort to charge and has good magnetic properties. These high-quality cases may be priced higher than others, but ensure successful charging.

Evaluating the ideal case for your needs

To best evaluate the functionality, quality and durability of an iPhone 13 Pro case, we recommend looking for several indicators.


The reviews of customers are a good way to judge the quality and functionality of a product. These are written by individuals who have purchased and used the case, so they tend to be honest. Some also include pictures of the product which may show their appearance more realistically than marketing photos. When considering which case to purchase, look for positive reviews from customers and steer clear of those with many negative comments.

Customer service

The customer service available for the product is also an important consideration. This, along with possibly warranties or other support, can prevent you from being stuck with a case that you are dissatisfied with. For this reason, search for brands that provide clear return or refund policies as well as warranties. This way, even if you receive a case that you do not like, you can contact the company for a prompt solution.

People also asked

Q: Are name-brand Apple iPhone 13 Pro cases worth the price?

A: In our opinion, you do not need to buy original Apple cases in order to protect your phone. There are many other brands that will provide optimal protection with lower price points and more design options.

Q: Why is there a circle on the back of my iPhone 13 Pro case?

A: The circle and line on the back of an iPhone 13 Pro case indicates that it is MagSafe compatible. These are usually removable, so you do not have to worry about them ruining the look of your case.

Q: How quickly do transparent cases turn yellow?

A: Transparent cases that do not have anti-oxidation coating can turn yellow in one to three months, depending on its exposure to UV light and sweat. You should only use such cases for temporary purposes and instead invest in one that does not turn yellow over time.

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