The Best Nightstand for 2022

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Simple nightstand to put in your bedroom

A bedroom feels incomplete without at least one nightstand placed next to the bed. This beautiful-looking piece of furniture has become a staple of modern homes, explaining the abundance of different designs, colors, and styles available. But finding the perfect option for you can be pretty difficult. This is where our buying guide will help you out, not only will we assist with buying a nightstand fitting with your bedroom’s theme, but we’ll also provide options offering you superior ease and comfort.

A nightstand is a small table placed next to a bed. They usually have drawers, providing storage space – some even come with a bookshelf, accommodating bedtime reading. These products provide you with ready access to stuff you may need as you’re going to bed, such as your phone, an alarm clock, or personal care items. With a nightstand, you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to get what you need. Nightstands are not only super useful and practical furniture but they are also essential for complimenting and completing the overall aesthetic of a home’s interior theme.

top picks

Best overall: WLIVE Bedside Fabric Nightstand

This lightweight nightstand is ideal for bedrooms, college dorms, living rooms, offices, and more.  It can be a nightstand for the bedroom, a convenient end table by the sofa, or a toy organizer in the children's room

This lightweight nightstand is ideal for bedrooms, college dorms, living rooms, offices, and more. It can be a nightstand for the bedroom, a convenient end table by the sofa, or a toy organizer in the children’s room

Coming in first on our list is this option by WLIVE. We chose this item for our top spot due to its perfect balancing of aesthetics and utility. Made with sturdy construction, this product can bear a weight of up to 35 lbs. It features a wooden top that looks elegant and is also waterproof, protecting it from damage from potential spills. The drawers are made using non-woven fabric and MDF board, making them as lightweight as possible while still being robust. The frame is made using steel, providing this product with a solid and robust structure. Additionally, it also features adjustable feet made of plastic, protecting floors from getting scratched. The assembly process is also very simple, thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions and tools that come included. The lightweight build and durable structure have earned this option the top spot on our list.

Key features:

Great for techies: Casual Home Owl White Nightstand

A convenient drawer provides space to keep your essentials

A convenient drawer provides space to keep your essentials

If you’re looking for a more simplistic look, this option is just the thing for you. It offers a perfect blend of a simplistic theme with modern functionality. And, it’s made of solid wood, giving it good structural integrity. This pick, from Casual Home Owl, is also easy to assemble, allowing you to put it together and start enjoying it in no time. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the greatest feature this product offers, a built-in USB charging hub. This USB hub features four charging ports that can be used for charging phones, tablets, or laptops easily and right next to your bed.

Key features:

  • Features a single spacious drawer and a shelf, great for placing decoration pieces or your favorite books

  • Comes in white, espresso, and warm brown colors

  • The dimensions are 24.5 inches x 14.25 inches x 17.5 inches

Best rustic: VASAGLE Steel Industrial Design Nightstand

The classic, uncomplicated shape of this side table allows it to fit next to your bed, sofa, or in the hallway

The classic, uncomplicated shape of this side table allows it to fit next to your bed, sofa, or in the hallway

Rustic home interior themes are on the rise, and VASAGLE has a product that’s just the perfect fit for such a theme. Its beautiful yet simple design, combined with a strong metal frame, makes this pick an excellent companion to a rustic-themed bed. This option also provides ample tabletop space for placing all your stuff. Additionally, the feet of this product can be adjusted, balancing the table so nothing falls off. The materials used to make this product are particleboard and steel, making it very durable. It can also be used for other purposes, such as a side table or an end table. And, a two-pack option is also available.

Key features:

  • Provides a drawer and a shelf for added storage

  • Hazelnut brown, beige, and rustic brown color options are available

  • This nightstand’s dimensions are 21.7 inches x 15.7 inches x 15.7 inches

Great color options: mDesign Storage Dresser Nightstand Table

Use next to the bed for matching nightstands, or in any room as an accent table

Use next to the bed for matching nightstands, or in any room as an accent table

mDesign has brought us this amazing product featuring a solid steel frame, making it very robust and long-lasting. This furniture is built to be slim and lightweight and for providing the maximum amount of storage space. This pick also boasts a water-resistant wood top where you can place any bedtime items you need. The feet are also adjustable, and they don’t leave any scratches or marks on your floors. The fabric used to make the drawers is breathable, and the installation process is super easy since all the necessary hardware is included in the package. All this without even mentioning the large variety of colors this product comes in.

Key features:

  • Provides two easily removable drawers

  • You can choose from twelve color options

  • Offers a roomy 21.25 inches x 17.75 inches x 11.75 inches build

Elite design: Prepac Fremont 2 Drawer Nightstand

Drawers run smoothly on metal glides with built-in safety stops

Drawers run smoothly on metal glides with built-in safety stops

Next, we have an option by Prepac that looks just gorgeous. It has an elegant design with curved edges at the top and the base features an arched panel, adding some additional aesthetic points. As far as buying options go, you can opt for a package coming with just this single piece or one with a matching queen headboard as well. The drawers are well designed and run on the metal glides smoothly. There are also safety stops in place, preventing accidents. And, you can choose between Monterey, salt spring, sonoma, and fremont designs, whatever fits your room’s theme. This option is made using composite wood that’s laminated, and it also features a robust MDF backer

Key features:

  • Features a handy bookshelf and two drawers

  • Seven color options to choose from

  • 28 inches x 23.25 inches x 16 inches build

A buying guide to the ultimate nightstands

We want you to get top-of-the-line furniture for your home, truly reflecting your personality and style. So, to that end, here is our guide to buying top quality products:

Usefulness of nightstands

Here are some benefits of nightstands that will make you appreciate their usefulness even more:

Great for storage

These products are a great option for organizing a bedroom. They provide shelf space, drawers and tabletop space for storing all the stuff you need on hand while in bed, like phones, creams or books. You can also store fresh bed sheets or pillowcases in the drawers for quick and easy access. Organization can save you a lot of time and effort, especially at night when you just don’t want to get out of bed.

Aesthetically pleasing

Not only are nightstands super practical, they are also aesthetically pleasing and make great complimentary pieces – they can really up your interior decor game. Find one complimenting your room’s theme or use it to contrast the overall color scheme. The options are limitless!

Common types of nightstands

There are two common types of nightstands you’ll come across:

The major difference you’ll notice between the two is their designs and the type of storage options they provide. By learning about these differences, you can better choose which one will be ideal for you.

Side chest night stand

A side chest nightstand is aptly named, it provides a lot of storage space, much like a chest. They usually consist of two or three drawers for storing stuff out of sight. This type of nightstand tends to be on the heavier side, but you can find options designed to be lightweight as well. They are also generally taller compared to traditional chests.

Drawer and shelf night stand

Drawer and shelf nightstands have both drawers and shelves inside them, accommodating different kinds of items. The shelves can be used for displaying home decor pieces or for arranging books. These models usually have fewer drawers compared to other versions. This type of product is great for versatility since they allow you to keep your options open in terms of storage.

Things to look for when buying nightstands

Here are some things to look out for when buying nightstands for your bedroom, ensuring that you get a great deal:


You should take the size of your new furniture into consideration to avoid any problems later. The first thing you want to do is to measure how much space you have available. This way, you can get something that isn’t too small or something that makes your room feel cramped.

The dimensions are usually stated in a product description, allowing you to check if a product will fit the available space. Also, pay close attention to the height, products that are too low may make it harder for you to reach for things from the bed.


Make sure that the product you buy is made using solid materials like steel, non-woven fabric or high-quality wood. This way, the furniture looks great and is built with durability in mind. It will also last you longer, offering value for your money. You can check the type of materials used by going through the product description.

How We Chose the Best Nightstands

We want you to get the best possible nightstands for adorning your home. So, here are some of the things we kept an eye out for to ensure that our picks were just perfect:

Storage space

We cannot forget about storage space. After all, the additional drawers and shelves can really come in handy. So, we only chose options providing a good amount of storage space. Be sure to figure out how much storage you need, then you can get the items that fit your specific requirements.

Easy assembly

We want you to be able to start using your nightstand as soon as possible. This is why we only chose ones that are easy to assemble. A quick assembly process means there’s less chance of mistakes or something going wrong. And, you can figure out if a product is easy to assemble by reading its product reviews.

People also asked

To answer any nightstand related concerns you may have, here are some questions that will hopefully clear away any remaining doubts before purchasing one of these products:

Q: What is the benefit of adjustable feet in nightstands?

A: Adjustable feet on a nightstand allow you to lower or raise the height to your preferences. These adjustable feet can also be used for compensating for any unevenness of the ground.

Q: Can I place heavy objects in a fabric drawer?

A: It is generally not recommended to place very heavy items in fabric drawers since they are not built to be as strong as wooden versions. Still, most light to medium-weight items can be placed inside without compromising the stand’s structure.

Q: Can I replace the handles of a nightstand?

A: Yes, you can replace the handles on most nightstands with the ones you prefer. All it requires is some DIY knowledge and the right tools. Be sure to take proper precautions to protect yourself, and the nightstand, whenever you make your own alterations.

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