The Best Shower Head for 2022

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A refreshing shower with the best shower heads

A shower can start or end a day in good spirits. While we mainly use it for keeping ourselves clean, there’s also a therapeutic element associated with the ritual, making showers exceptionally important to a lot of people. As such, it comes as no surprise many people invest a good deal of money on a quality shower head for maximizing their experience.

Virtually all shower heads on the market today do the job as advertised, but the top shower heads go above and beyond, introducing new and varied ways to shower, giving you a more comfortable experience and more. We’ve compiled a small list of some of the top shower heads available in 2022 – take a look!

top picks

Best overall: Brushed Nickel Shower Head

Dual shower heads

Dual shower heads

This option by Bright Showers sits at the top of our list thanks to its plethora of features.

For instance, it’s got not one, but two shower heads – one wider and square-shaped, and a shorter and smaller nozzle resembling a traditional model, allowing this product to accommodate varying people and preferences.

Aside from this, a unique feature worth noting is the on-board (or in this case, on-head) controls for the wide nozzle. You can turn the knob to change the mode of this extra-wide product. This is great for keeping things interesting and varied every time you take a shower. Finally, the smaller nozzle is detachable, allowing you to bring it closer to your skin and body for getting extra clean.

Key features:

Best Handhe: HOPOPRO 6 Functions Handheld Shower Head Set

Upgraded Handheld Shower Head Set

Upgraded Handheld Shower Head Set

Handheld models are pretty useful in various situations. For one, they’re great for cleansing typically hard-to-reach areas of your body.

Also, they are particularly helpful when washing your legs, which typically don’t get water directly from the showerhead the same way your hair or your face do. And, handheld products are usually quite affordable, at least compared to rainfall versions.

This product by Hopopro is a great option for any homeowner on a budget. The item is available in three different styles and with six functions to make use of, allowing you to find the setting suiting your preferences. The product is also tied with the least expensive on our list (directly below) so if you’re not looking to spend a great deal, this is a great option.

Key features:

  • Convenient to use

  • Handheld design

Most Adjustable: SparkPod High Pressure Rain Showerhead

High pressure shower head

High pressure shower head

Aside from typical handheld models, there’s another product that’s been gaining quite a bit of popularity in recent years – rainfall showerheads.

These models, essentially, emulate the feeling of taking a shower in the rain, which can be a pretty fun and gratifying experience. This product by SparkPod is an affordable way to try out rainfall showers at your leisure.

The unit is adjustable, meaning that you can adjust the angle it releases and cascades water. There are also plenty of color options to choose from, so you can make your purchase matching your faucet or other parts of your bathroom. This model is relatively small for a rainfall design, however, so you won’t really feel immersed in rain like with other products of this type.

Key features:

AquaDance 7″ Premium Showerhead Combo: Two in one design

US highest quality and performance standards

US highest quality and performance standards

While some models are handheld in design, and others are made to simulate the feeling of rainfall, there are products that incorporate both designs into one fixture.

These two in one options are extremely versatile, and they’re great if you have more than one person using a shower. They give the option and flexibility necessary for enjoying a morning or evening shower.

The two in one design of this product is fairly simple, but not everybody may be a fan of the aesthetic. If you can get past the looks, however, you’re in for a treat. The showerhead costs less than $35, making it a solid budget option, and it comes in a few variations, too. Do note, however, that the smaller showerhead is not detachable, so you can’t just adjust it closer to your body.

Key features:

Most Immersive: MeSun 12 Inch Showerhead

High pressure shower head

High pressure shower head

Rainfall showers are great to use even when they don’t cover your entire body, but they feel extra amazing when they do.

You feel immersed in water droplets, like you’re actually out in the rain all while remaining in the safety of your home. This option by MeSun is a great example of a product really delivering on the “rainfall” aspect.

Surprisingly, despite its size, this model doesn’t cost a whole lot. In fact, it won’t cost you more than $40, making it quite the enticing option. With such a large unit, however, it’s important to know if your bathroom can actually support something this big, or else you’ll end up with a useless hunk of metal.

Key features:

  • Large shower head

  • Surprisingly affordable

A buying guide to the ultimate shower heads

If you want to take a shower that’s satisfying and relaxing, you’ll need the right shower head for the job. Learn more about these products in this brief buying guide.

What does “shower head” mean?

Put simply, a shower head (often shortened as “showerhead”) is a fixture or device installed in bathrooms, releasing water in a controlled manner above the user. These products can vary in colour, type and design.

Types of shower heads

Traditional and classic showerheads

Until recently, these products were fairly standardized. They were fixed above a certain height, offering little more functionality than a typical faucet. In fact, they were basically just like faucets, only they released water in a more spread-out way. These models are still seen commonly, especially in older homes, and they remain one of the cheapest types on the market today.

Handheld shower heads

A step up from traditional models, handheld variants were created for offering more functionality and convenience to the user. These showerheads, as the name suggests, can be held by the hand, allowing you to redirect the flow to pretty much anywhere in your body.

Handheld models work thanks to a metal hose, usually connecting from the faucet. This allows the showerhead to be moved around and still pump out water, but it also comes at the cost of risking damage to the fixture.

Rainfall shower heads

Rainfall models, at first glance, look like bigger and wider versions of classic models, and in a way, they are just that. However, this simple change does make for a huge difference. For one, larger coverage means that you can get your entire body covered in water without having to move, especially convenient for people with larger frames.

Aside from this pragmatic benefit, rainfall models are great for just immersing yourself in water. Taking a shower can be a pretty therapeutic experience, and using a rainfall showerhead for this reason can really amplify that aspect.

Two in one shower heads

While handheld models and rainfall models offer their own unique benefits, you can be torn between one or the other. So why not get both? Two in one units make switching up your showering experience any time you’d like easy and convenient. These products contain both rainfall and handheld designs in one convenient package.

While this type of product may seem superior among the others available, they have their own particular downsides. For one, they look pretty bulky, making it hard to maintain a certain aesthetic in your bathroom. Secondly, rainfall versions of these two in one designs are often smaller than strictly rainfall models, so you’re better off getting a product dedicated to rainfall exclusively if you want an immersive showering experience.

Things to consider when buying a shower head


As mentioned earlier, these products are available in various forms and designs. Picking one can be a difficult process, but it’s the most important aspect to consider, so be sure to think carefully before buying.


These products don’t always carry the same look, some options come in surprisingly striking colors. While certain homeowners prefer a sleek and minimal color, others prefer something flashy like gold or silver. Think about the look and aesthetic of your bathroom and home when choosing an appropriate color.


This mostly applies to rainfall models, but getting the right size is important regardless of which type you plan on buying. The space you have in your bathroom will often be limited, and having a product that’s too large will be a pain to set up, if you can even install it at all. Measure your bathroom well before selecting a type, style and model.

Tips for using a shower head

Be careful with metal hoses

These products, handheld models in particular, can be fairly fragile. While they can be made out of metal or durable plastic, all it takes is one wrong move to cause a dent or damage the unit. With handheld models, the risk becomes far greater, as the metal hose is exposed. Damaging this can cause leaks, preventing water from efficiently flowing up towards the nozzle.

That’s why unless you really want to reach some specific parts of your body, it’s best to keep a handheld model docked. Removing the product from its dock exposes it to unnecessary risks.

Clean the shower head regularly

These products can gather dust, dirt and even mold, especially by the nozzles. This not only looks disgusting but also can also contaminate your water. To prevent this, you’ll want to regularly clean your showerhead. That way, the water that comes through will be unaffected by dirt or other particles.

Cleaning a showerhead isn’t all that difficult, and you can accomplish the task with water, soap, a reliable brush and some elbow grease. But if that isn’t appealing, there are also special nozzle cleaning kits available online and made for this exact situation. Try them out and see how effective they are for you.

People also asked

Q: What are showerheads made of?

A: Showerheads are usually made up of a combination of metal and plastic.

Q: When were showerheads invented?

A: The first modern showerhead was made in 1767 by William Feetham.

Q: Do I need a shower head?

A: Technically, you could do with a pail and dipper or a bathtub, but showerheads offer a quick, efficient and reliable way to clean yourself.

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