The best silk bed sheet for 2022

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A woman sleeps on a bed with silk sheets

Composed of all-natural material, silk bed sheets are one of the finest materials available due to their unique production process. They are soft to touch and cozy to sleep on, making them a perfect gift for any mother this Mother’s Day. The lustrous look of satin distinguishes these from regular bed sheets.

Selecting the right silk sheet can be a difficult task, though. For starters, there are many varieties of silk that determine quality. There is a certain method for determining silk quality, known as momme weight. Also, color and thickness are key factors to consider. We will examine all these questions and concerns as we review the top silk bed sheets in 2022 below.

Here are the top silk sheets of 2022

Great luxury: Satin Sheets Queen

A bed dressed with silk sheets

A bed dressed with silk sheets

at Amazon

This product comes in a four-piece queen size set, including one bedsheet of 90 x 102 inches, one fitted sheet of 60 x 80 inches and two pillow covers measuring 20 x 30 inches. It’s also available in different sizes. The fitted sheets have elastic ends for wrapping on your mattress so sheets stay in place.

It is made from 100% high-quality microfiber, claiming to be more durable than cotton. The bedsheet is also easy to take care of and is stain and wrinkle-free. Moreover, it can be machine washed and dried quickly on low air dry. It is available in different colors too, and each color provides a unique and lustrous vibe. This bed sheet is also kid and pet-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about scratched sheets.

Ideal for summer: SiinvdaBZX 4Pcs Satin Sheet Set

A polyester satin bed sheet

A polyester satin bed sheet

at Amazon

Made from 100% polyester satin, this set is a perfect gift for any mother.

This particular option is a four-piece full set containing one fitted sheet, one standard sheet and two pillowcases. The lightweight and ultra-smooth silk used affords breathability, making it a perfect choice for summer. Satin silk is also great for skin, helping the body retain its natural moisture throughout the night. This soft material is also ideal for controlling frizzy hair. Wash these sheets on a low setting with cold water. Also, avoid washing them with other clothes or with bleach. For drying, use tumble dry low.

Best for skin care: MR&HM Satin Bed Sheets

Quality silk bed sheet

Quality silk bed sheet

at Amazon

If you often wake up with a frizzy bed head, your sheets may be a contributing factor. This satin sheet has an amazing 600 thread count, making it ultra smooth on skin and hair.

This set is also available in different bundles including a flat sheet of 102 x 108 inches, a fitted sheet of 72 x 84 inches and two pillow covers of 20 x 40 inches. The silk used is high quality, making the bed sheets lightweight and durable. For maintenance, it’s advised to machine wash in cold water. For drying, use a low air-dry setting.

Great color variety: County Satin Sheets

A comfortable for summers and winters silk bed sheets

A comfortable for summers and winters silk bed sheets

at Amazon

Our final pick comes in a queen size with one flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases in standard queen size. Like with other silk products, you won’t have to worry about friction brass with your hair as this sheet set is made from 100% polyester satin fabric. The material is cozy and breathable to sleep on, making it comfortable for summers and winters. Keep bleach away and wash it in cold water only. Tumble drying is also advised.

A buying guide for the ultimate silk bed sheets

Varieties of silk


One of the highest quality silk available is mulberry. It gets its name from the mulberry tree it’s cultivated from and the unique worm known to feed on this tree. Only this particular worm and this feed can make silk so pure and unique.

Charmeuse silk

This is one of the most popular and commonly used silks today, found in bedding to almost anything. The front of this material has a shiny surface with a satin finish, while the back has a duller finish. It is cultivated from certain silkworms, yielding lightweight and elastic fabric. It’s one of the highest quality silks you can buy.

Tussah silk

This type of silk is usually made in India. It’s one of the more inexpensive silk materials available. The silkworms used to cultivate this fabric are wild and are not bred under special conditions, producing a different result than other methods. Despite the detractors, this type of silk is sold abundantly and remains popular.

Dupioni silk

This is some of the shiniest silk available and perfect for those looking to add a glossy feel to their bedroom. However, despite being shiny and high in quality, it is not suitable for sheets and does not respond well to shifting temperatures. Moreover, despite its glossy finish, this material is still inferior to charmeuse silk.

Habotai Silk

Habotai silk is another affordable material. It is higher quality than tussah silk but still inferior to charmeuse and mulberry. Habotai silk is a little rougher than charmeuse but can be made to feel smoother through washing with sand; however, this compromises quality, making it less durable. Well-washed habotai silk is also hard to differentiate from charmeuse, so be careful when buying the latter.

Mom weight

You might wonder how to properly gauge the quality of silk when there are so many types to select from. Well, there is a technique for determining the quality of a particular material, judged by the weight of the silk. It’s pronounced like “mummy” weight. Calculating the momme weight is done by comparing the measurements with the following standard; one momme weight equals 4,340 grams per square meter. However, don’t worry; you probably won’t have to calculate the momme weight for silk you buy as it will probably be noted on packaging. Charmeuse silk usually has a momme weight of 12 to 30, while Habotai has up to 15. The ideal momme weight for bed sheets is around 19 to 22.

A gift for summers and winters

Those who’ve never used silk sheets before might think they aren’t good for summer use, given their thickness and warmth. However, these products are suitable for both summers and winters. Bedsheets of any fabric trap air and body heat that constantly radiates. Entraping air can cause excess warmth and eventually lead to sweating.

Silk sheets are designed to trap as little air as possible. If a person does sweat, the silk’s wicking property won’t allow moisture to remain, offering a cooling effect and maintaining body temperature as normal. The thickness of silk sheets does still play a role, though. Thicker products are more suitable for winter and thinner ones for summer.

Maintaining silk bed sheets

The most challenging thing about these products is not buying them, it’s caring for them. For most maintenance, you will find instructions on the product packaging. There are also tags attached to sets indicating essential points, like whether it is machine-washable or not, often through symbols. However, there are still several things that you need to consider with every set. Most of the sheets will be machine washable and opt for air drying. Also, avoid putting your silk bed sheets directly under the sun. Also, avoid washing your silk sheets in warm water or bleaching them. Ironing should likewise be avoided; however, if essential, extra care should be given when ironing silk sheets. Choose the lowest setting or place a cloth between the silk and the iron.

Choosing the right color

A silk bed sheet is an excellent gift for anyone, and especially for one’s mother. When buying for yourself, you can easily choose the right color depending upon your particular button; however, for other people, it’s essential to consider color as silk increases glossiness dramatically. First and foremost, it’s best to avoid dark colors like brown, gray and black. It would help to pick colors like gold, yellow and blue in a light shade, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Key features of silk bed sheets

  • Comfortable: these sheets are soft, making them more comfortable and cozy

  • Healthy: silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms, containing natural benefits for you and making sheets more durable. Silk bed sheets are 100% natural, making them great for people with allergies

  • Suitable for any season: silk bed sheets are suitable for any season, keeping moisture away in summers, through wicking, and a person warm in winters due to the coziness of the material

People also asked

Is 21 mm Silk suitable for bed sheets?

Yes, 21 momme or 21 pounds for 100 yards of silk is excellent for making bedsheets.

Are silk bed sheets comfortable for a hot environment?

Yes, thin silk bed sheets trap less body heat. They have moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for warm environments and hot sleepers.

Can silk bed sheets benefit your health?

Yes, silk sheets are made from 100% natural material, making them great for people who suffer from hot flashes, asthma and allergies

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