The Best Table Saw (2022)

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A table saw with wood and safety goggles

Wooden furniture can enhance the look of any room, especially when it’s handcrafted. With the right tools, you can do DIY projects at home or even turn your hobby into a small side hustle. Table saws are an essential tool for any carpenter, necessary to create furniture such as cabinets, tables, desks and cupboards.

However, since woodworking requires a lot of care, accuracy and precision, it is essential to find a high-quality table saw. From portable to static, many different types of table saws are available on the market. It’s imperative to find the right one that delivers accuracy while providing a smooth finish to your many projects. This includes weighing various features such as portability, safety and power. To help you spend less time sifting through the options and more time woodworking, we reviewed the leading table saws of the year.

top picks

Best job site saw: Dewalt Table Saw

Compact jobsite table saw with stand

Compact jobsite table saw with stand

The Dewalt table saw is specially designed for smaller projects. It comes in a small size for easy transportation and ultimate portability, so you can carry it with you.

This table saw has high-speed blades, and is conveniently portable. The design allows for deep cutting and can maintain a regular flow of power. It also features a power loss reset, which prevents accidental restarts that could disrupt your progress. This option is best suited for smaller projects.

Key features:

  • Includes pinion and rack fence rails for accuracy

  • 24.5 inch ripping tolerance

  • Corded electric power source

  • Speed ​​of 5800 revolutions per minute

Best portable saw: Worx Table Saw

It’s the ultimate DIY machine

It’s the ultimate DIY machine

The Worx table saw features a corded electric power source, ensuring a disruption-free experience.

This option has a small size and is easy to carry, making it portable. This table saw comes with a rip fence, miter gauge, dust extraction port, blade grip and five blades (one for wood, aluminum, scrolling, ceramic tile, steel), so you have a complete set equipped for a variety of materials. Included safety features make this a great choice, however, it is not best suited for large projects.

Key features:

Comes with stand: Skil Table Saw

This table saw features a safety anti-restart switch in case of power outages

This table saw features a safety anti-restart switch in case of power outages

The Skil table saw comes with rack and pinion fence rails that maintain the position of force, ensuring fast, smooth and accurate cuts.

It has an all-inclusive folding stand that is portable and provides convenient storage. It also has blade micro-adjustment, delivering a parallel blade alignment for smooth cutting. This allows you to cut at many different angles. The tabletop of this saw is made out of plastic.

Key features:

  • 10-inch blade length

  • It cuts materials up to 4x4s at right angles and can cut between two angles at 0 and 45 degrees

  • Comes with a dust port elbow for sawdust, which makes cleaning up quick easy.

Best with steel rip fence: Rockwell Table Saw

The BladeRunner is only 15 lbs, so while stable and sturdy, it’s easy to toss in the back of the truck

The BladeRunner is only 15 lbs, so while stable and sturdy, it’s easy to toss in the back of the truck

The Rockwell table saw is especially easy and fast to set up, as it comes with a built-in carry handle.

This table saw is easy to set up, and can cut through several materials. It includes features for safety, and is electric so this option does not require a power outlet to function. This does mean that you will be required to change the batteries when necessary.

Key features:

  • The flat platform and 4-inch blade provides you with the capacity to make long and deep cuts

  • Comes with an adjustable gauge, allowing you to pull off precise miter cuts between 0 and 60 degrees

  • Includes onboard accessory storage, providing you space to store the miter gauge, rip fence and other components

  • Comes with a safety switch that eliminates the risk of accidental startups

Best with wheeled stand: Bosch Table Saw

Helps maintain speed under load

Helps maintain speed under load

The Bosch table saw features a spacious cutting surface complemented by a foldable, wheeled stand, making it a portable and easy-to-use device

This choice can make cuts at many different angles. It boasts a powerful motor but also includes safety features with reset protection. Because this table saw comes with a wheeled stand, it is important to take precautions when cutting heavy objects.

Key features:

  • It has a 10-inch blade with 50 teeth

  • Speed ​​of 360 rpm

  • 5-amp power capacity with 4 hp, providing an ideal platform for rip-cutting and cross-cutting

  • Soft-start circuitry that manages the intensity of motor startup, minimizing the likelihood of tripping a circuit breaker

  • Comes with a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls, providing maximum protection and preventing blade contact

Finding your next table saw: A buyer’s guide

Having reliable and concise information about a particular product is essential. Our buying guide will help you choose a dependable table saw.

What to consider when buying a table saw

Here are the four essential factors to keep in mind when purchasing a table saw:


Different types of table saws meet different woodworking demands depending on their properties and usage requirements. This is why it is essential to go through each class of table saws and see whether they meet your needs or not. The type of table saw you choose depends on your professional level and the types of projects you work on.


Horsepower is an essential factor that most professionals ask about before buying a table saw. It is a determining factor whether you are thinking of purchasing a contractor saw or a hybrid table saw.

If a table saw does not have sufficient horsepower, it might not cut through the material properly. This means that your object may be useless depending on your project’s size or scope. Always choose a table saw from a reputable brand that offers higher horsepower. Even if you are starting with smaller projects, there is no guarantee what your woodworking journey may entail and require in the future.

Flesh sensor

A flesh sensor is another essential feature that you should look for in a table saw. It might cost some additional money but when it comes to your safety, we recommend getting a table saw with a flesh sensor.

It is a built-in or customized sensor that stops the saw as soon as it is about to make contact with your skin. Since something could draw away your attention when doing any type of work, a hand slip while sawing is a possible risk. This could result in extremely serious injuries. Unfortunately, table saw accidents are quite common and usually happen because of lack of experience. However, it becomes easier to protect yourself and your body with a flesh sensor.

Magnetic switch

A magnetic switch will help avoid any accidents while the device is turned on. If your table saw loses power by mistake or if power is disconnected to the entire facility, your magnetic button will activate and turn the saw off.

What are the types of table saws?

These are the different types of table saws on the market.


Portable table saws are designed so that their weight is very light and can be easily carried and placed on tables. They come in different ranges, including benchtop, compact and jobsite table saws.

bench top

You can tell that these saws are used on tables and benches by the name. They are very lightweight and homeowners, hobbyists and DIYers often use them. A direct-drive (blade-driven) motor helps in delivering the power. This makes them excellent in terms of portability. Benchtop table saws do not come with any supporting stand, but they are great in terms of value for money.


Compact saws are larger in size than benchtop table saws, and small tooth belts enable them to work. They are the same in design as contractor saws but can be fitted on small tables due to their small size.

job site

Jobsite table saws are much larger than others. Professional traders use these types of saws which come with a mounted stand. They are usually used for rough and tough purposes on construction sites, but they still have a very light frame for portability. You may need a jobsite table saw for making heavy-duty objects such as large cupboards and heavy tables.


Cabinet makers and serious woodworkers often use stationary saws. Some models of stationary saws include contractors, hybrid and cabinet table saws.


Professionals first used contractor table saws, but they are very hard to find these days. Many people usually confuse jobsite table saws and contractor table saws, but the contractor table saws are larger in size.


Hybrid table saws come with many features that you would need in a high-end cabinet saw. Some of the hybrid saws are designed just like older contractor saws. The enclosed cabinet design is the most common. However, open leg style designs are also available and help in dust collection.


Cabinet table saws are really heavy. They are made of an iron cast which increases their size, but this prevents them from vibrating and improves their accuracy. Serious woodworking enthusiasts and professionals use them. They are reliable and durable, often lasting for years even with constant use.

What are the drive types and configurations used in table saws?

Generally, table saws come with two types of configurations: direct-drive and belt-drive.

direct drive

The direct-drive configuration is often found in portable table saws because portable table saws have a universal motor that helps the blade directly drive and produce a lot of power. This also makes them loud. They are operated on a circuit that produces 120V. The blade produces up to 2 hp, which is enough power for DIYers and professionals on job sites.

belt drive

Table saws that come with belt-drive configurations are powerful but mostly available in stationary models. These have an induction motor and belt that transfers power to the blade. The motor power of a belt drive generally ranges between 3-5 hp, or 2.24-3.73 kW, in a single phase.

The motor produces anywhere between 5-7.5 hp, or 3.73- 5.22 kW, for a three-phase belt drive. It also operates on 240V of power. A belt-drive motor is offset to prevent any trapped dust. These belts are very quiet and provide heavy-duty cuts easily.

What additional features and accessories come with table saws?

Here are some additional features and accessories that you will find with a table saw.


A table saw usually comes with an on and off switch located on the front of the saw. The switch is much smaller in most models than the larger ones to control devices in an emergency.


The current of a table saw is measured using amperes. A high ampere device has more power and can cut dense materials easily.


Some table saws come with a storage compartment. This provides you with space to put your tools and raw material in. You can also put push sticks, extra blades, rip fences and safety glasses inside.

Table extensions

Table extensions provide a larger rip capacity and a more solid work surface. This is especially true when attempting to cut broader material.

People Also Asked

Q: Can we cut angles with a table saw?

A: Yes, a table saw can accurately cut a range of angles depending on the model.

Q: Why is my table saw not cutting accurately?

A: If your table saw is not cutting accurately, there might be issues with the alignment and quality of the blade.

Q: How deep can a table saw cut?

A: A table saw cuts material depending on the strength of your blade. For example, a 10-inch blade can make 3.5 inch deep cuts.

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