The Best Women’s Shorts for 2022

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Comfortable shorts for summer

Our guide to the top women’s shorts is all you need to get ready for summer 2022. Read on for more information. Shorts are an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Depending on their style, they can be worn while exercising or comfortably at parties. Shorts can be dressed up or down. They also come in a variety of colors and materials. And, they are easy to accessorize with, you can wear a lot of the same t-shirts you would usually wear with pants.

Shorts are traditionally worn in the summer, but it is acceptable to wear certain styles of shorts with tights. This will make your purchase last longer than just the summer season, keeping you looking fabulous in the spring and fall.

There are many women’s shorts to choose from with different fastening types, lengths and pockets. For this reason, we will help you narrow down your search by discussing some things you should consider before making a purchase.

But first, why don’t you check out our beautiful selection of the best women’s shorts in 2022?

top picks

Best overall: Hanes Women’s Jersey Short

Hanes women's pocket short

Hanes women’s pocket shorts

We’ve awarded Hanes Women’s Jersey Shorts our best overall title. This is due to how comfortable they feel.

These products are practical, and their minimalist style goes with a variety of different style tops. They are not too short and are made from 100% soft cotton. And, thanks to a pull-string closure, the waistband can be adjusted and tied to your desired measurements.

These items are available in several colors, with some being made from full cotton and others a cotton and polyester blend. They also have two deep seven-inch seam pockets, so you do not need to burden yourself with a large purse.


Great for running: Colosseum Active Women’s Simone Shorts

Women's cotton yoga and running shorts

Women’s cotton yoga and running shorts

This option is much shorter than our previous selection. They are the ideal length for running and doing yoga. The seams rise at the sides, creating a fluttering shape.

This product is available in many colors and different designs, including floral, animal print, camo and tie-dye.

The drawstring waistband is adjustable, fitting and conforming to you perfectly. The waist is also elastic, accommodating plenty of movement during exercise. This allows you to remain comfortable throughout strenuous exercise. In addition, this product is available with or without pockets.


  • Available in beautiful colours

  • Elasticated drawstring waistband

  • Available with or without pockets

Elite design: Levi’s Women’s 501 Original Shorts

Levi's women's denim original shorts

Levi’s women’s denim original shorts

The whole world knows the brand Levi’s for a good reason, they are synonymous with quality and style.

These products are made from high-quality denim and are available in different colors, including autumn leaf, washed pineapple, washed lilac and more.

A couple of options also have butterfly or floral patterns. The items have varying levels of distress and intentionally frayed seams. Every pair has two side pockets and two back pockets and the back also sports the classic Levi’s label. And, belt hoops allow you to add a stylish belt to your outfit.


  • High quality denim shorts

  • Available in various colors

  • Secure button and zip closure

Most versatile: Amazon Essentials Women’s 9” Denim Mid-Rise Bermuda Shorts

Denim mid-rise Bermuda shorts

Denim mid-rise Bermuda shorts

These denim options are mid-length and great for anyone who wants a fashionable look without showing too much skin.

The shorts are available in several shades of blue denim and they have a button and zip closure and belt loops.

There are also two front pockets and two back pockets. These items are tight-fitting with some stretch, perfect for showing off your figure. We love the rolled-up seam at the bottom. As these products are similar in style to a regular pair of jeans, you can wear any top with these you would usually wear with jeans.


Also Consider: Luvamia Women’s Ripped Denim Jean Shorts

A ripped denim high waist stretchable short

A ripped denim high waist stretchable short

These ripped denim jean options look effortlessly cool. They are high-waisted and excellent if you like tucking in your tops.

High-waisted versions will also pull in your stomach, offering a slimmer look. The shorts are available in different shades of blue with varying levels of fading and wash.

Most of the options in this selection have a button and zip closure. Some have a couple of buttons, and others have an all-button closure. In addition, these items have two pockets at the front and two pockets at the back. These shorts have a slight stretch, so you can enjoy dancing, skating or just walking comfortably.


A buying guide to the ultimate women’s shorts

Now you’ve seen our selection of the top women’s shorts, you may want to do some research on the subject. There are some features you might want to look out for and definitely some things you should consider before you make a purchase. Continue reading to see our suggestions.


Consider how comfortable you’ll be when wearing different length products. Some people want to expose as much of their legs as possible, for staying cool and comfortable or for showing off their thighs and calves. Alternatively, others prefer modesty and covering up more.

The motivation for this might be covering up cellulite. When choosing a length, for this reason, it is important to note that cellulite may be more visible when sitting. It can appear lower down your leg as you sit down. Therefore, you may want to purchase products that rest just above the knee.


After considering the length, you should also consider what type of material you want. If you plan on exercising in your items, the material should be flexible, breathable and moisture-wicking. Polyester, mixed with spandex and cotton, is a good material for exercising.

If you want versions for daily wear, you have a few material options. Linen versions are lightweight and breathable but may look a little mature for someone in their twenties. On the other hand, velvet or faux leather options are perfect for a date or night at the club.

Denim options are more versatile and can be worn at several different kinds of occasions. Read more about denim versions below.

denim shorts

Denim products are available in different colors and at different levels of distress. Denim shorts can be made to look faded, ripped and frayed. The number of fade rips and level of fraying may vary and they may also come with embroidered patterns or prints. Most denim versions have pockets on the front but may also have working pockets on the back. Similarly, the pockets may just be for show.

Denim options can come in a rigid form as well as a flexible form, like jeans or jeggings. In addition, denim models often have belt loops like jeans. If you love accessorizing your outfit with a belt, belt loops are a great idea.

Denim options can be worn daily to the beach or on long shopping trips. They can also be glammed up with peep-toe heels or worn to gigs with a band t-shirt and cowboy boots.


There are several types of closures you can choose from. Some items have an elastic waist, allowing them to be pulled up without fastening. Others need to be closed with a tie string. The most popular closure type for these products is a zip and button closure, similar to the type you find on jeans.

Zip closures are often on the front of the shorts, but you may prefer a zip on the side or the back. If this is the case, look for this feature, combined with the length.

You can also get button-only closures. This type of closure can contain varying amounts of buttons. Many smart-looking or fitted style versions have buttons for display only.

Jogging shorts

When choosing items to run or jog in, they should be long enough to cover your bottom but short enough for your legs to move freely and to keep you cool. The waistband should be elastic with a drawstring closure, allowing you to loosen and tighten them when needed.

You may want items with zip pockets for carrying your keys and phone without worrying they will fall out. And greatest of all, you won’t need to carry a purse. However, you may prefer not to use pockets because doing so may weigh your clothing down.

Color of the shorts

Consider what color you want your products to be. Denim is a universal type of blue that goes with any colored t-shirt. Apart from this fail-safe option, you can opt for black shorts for matching with any dark-colored tops or shoes. Consider gray items if you like wearing white t-shirts. And, if you want to be a little more daring, you can find options in all the colors of the rainbow.

When choosing colors, choose predominantly the same shades — for example, pastels with deep and dark colors. You can choose jewelry or a handbag with a bolder shade than the rest of your outfit, making it pop.

Dungaree shorts

Dungaree versions are, as the name suggests, like dungarees but without long legs. They are commonly made from denim but are also available in materials like corduroy or polyester. Dungaree versions sometimes have a large pocket pouch in the front, so they may be a good option if you plan on wearing them while undertaking some gardening or always like keeping a notepad and pen close by.


Skorts were briefly fashionable in the 90s, thanks to their unique style. They are short but with a layer of material over the top, creating a short-skirt hybrid. This unique style is a good option for those who like the appearance of a skirt but prefer the modety of a pair of shorts.

People also asked

Q: Can a woman in her 40s wear shorts?

A: Yes, a woman in her 40s can wear these products. However, avoid options that are extremely tight or extremely short. Instead, you may want to purchase shorts covering the whole thigh and resting above the knee. The important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful, wear whatever makes you happy!

Q: What shoes look good with denim shorts?

A: Denim versions look fabulous with espadrilles, wedges, cowboy boots and converse. The type of shoe you wear with denim versions is influenced by the type of top you’re wearing. A glamorous top matches espadrilles or wedges; t-shirts are more suited for converse or pumps. In addition, cowboy boots can also be worn by women with t-shirts but also look fabulous with a blouse.

Q: Can I wear shorts to work?

A: Shorts are not considered to be smart attire. Even on casual Fridays, they are considered to show too much skin. These products are best saved for the gym, a casual summer day or for date nights. Check your work’s clothing policy. If there are specific things you cannot wear, they should be stated there.

Q: Do men’s shorts look good on women?

A: Men’s shorts can be worn by anyone, providing they fit. If you like the style and feel good in them, there is no reason for women not to wear them. However, many women have naturally curvier hips and curvier bottoms than men.

Some men’s shorts do not accommodate these extra curves and can feel quite restrictive. On the other hand, many men’s shorts offer a baggy style that will be more than accommodating to curves.

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