Tozo wireless earbuds are on sale at Amazon

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Now’s the time to get yourself a set of comfy earbuds, for a song. (Photo: TOZO)

Looking to join the wireless earbud revolution but not enthusiastic about shelling out for a pair of AirPods? Concerned about spending a fortune and then possibly losing these tiny treasures? Or maybe you need a spare pair to keep in your gym bag or suitcase. Whatever your situation, TOZO makes a pair of good, solid Bluetooth earbuds for you; the company’s products are comfortable and long-lasting, they sound great — and they cost a fraction of what you’d you’d pay for others. Right now TOZO’s lineup is on sale at Amazon, with 20% off coupons available on page for select pairs.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Grab the TOZO A1 earbuds for only $17

Tozo earbuds in charging case with fingerprint on one to show that they are touch controlled

The charging case is included with these shockingly inexpensive earbuds. (Photo: TOZO)

You can enjoy great wireless audio for under $20 when you pick up the stellar A1 earbuds; in black, they come in at an extremely affordable $17. While you might not have heard of TOZO, keep in mind that thousands of Amazon shoppers have — and they rave about the company’s earbuds, in glowing five-star reviews.

Here’s one from a shopper who bought the A1 for his niece: “They stay in her ears and produce excellent sound quality and a great price! … These are durable and high quality. The touch features work great, she loves that she can control the volume and pause what she’s listening to/watching without having to touch her tablet, this makes it easy to mount the tablet on the headrest so she doesn’t have to hold it on long car rides…. These are great earbuds especially for a first pair because if the kids lose them or break them, they are not expensive to replace.”

$17 $30 at Amazon

The stellar TOZO T6 earbuds are down to $30 — save 50%

Another pair of Tozo black wireless earbuds in charging case

You won’t believe the battery life on these beauties. (Photo: TOZO)

In fact, the shopper above was so impressed with the A1 earbuds that he bought his wife the slightly more expensive T6 earbuds: “She loves that she’s no longer tethered to the laptop … The earbuds are really comfortable and stay in place extremely well for her ! … She used them to listen to music yesterday while out in the yard and says the sound quality is the best that she’s ever heard. These give great all around sound and have great bass especially if you set your sources’ EQ properly! The touch controls are excellent! … The battery life is incredibly long, she uses these all day for work calls only charging them for 30 mins during lunch. The case she charges once every 3 days.”

Even better, he notes how durable they are: “She dropped one in her cereal while taking it out of the charging case, we turned it off, washed it with soap and water and wiped it dry, turned it back on and it still works like new! These are very water resistant!”

He’s far from the only shopper attesting to the T6’s excellent audio capabilities; these buds have over 132,000 (!) perfect reviews. This customer says the “bass is punchy and resonant, high end is very clear and crisp. The mids may be scooped a little but it’s not bad.” He adds that they “sound way better than any normal wired earbuds I’ve owned, and not having a wire tying you to the phone is really nice when you’re trying to listen to something and cook or do other tasks.”

Right now the T6 buds are only $24 with on-page coupon.

$24 with coupon $60 at Amazon

Just $24: Workout hard with the TOZO T5 over-ear earbuds

Over-ear wireless buds in charging case

Keep your beats comfy and secure while you exercise. (Photo: TOZO)

Even customers who don’t like standard earbuds can find something that’s just right in TOZO’s lineup. The T5 headphones loop around your ears so they stay secure when you exercise. Shoppers like this one say they’re great “for the gym. They are comfortable, stay put, and have a great battery life.” The company offers good customer service as well: “A few months after I got them one of the headphones stopped connecting to the charger. I contacted TOZO and immediately was able to talk to a representative, and after explaining my problem they said in the interest of customer satisfaction they would send me new earphones free of charge. They sent them out the next day. I was so pleased with their service and am happy to have the headphones again!”

Says another shopper: “…. I am amazed at the level of bass in these little earbuds as well as super clear highs and mids. I think these sound a lot like the re-400i earbuds for $100 but you get all the bells and whistles of Bluetooth and comfort…. The hook is really thin and doesn’t pinch at all (80% of the earhooks I’ve tried pinch the top of my ears but not these headphones) and not only do they stay in place when I exercise but they don’t pinch while wearing glasses or having them on while resting an ear on a pillow in bed…. I would give these headphones A for headphones overall and A++ for headphones in this price range.”

Remember to click the on-page coupon to get the best price!

$24 with coupon $30 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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